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T-Dawg diet

I was wondering on the t-dawg diet if i should train low weight-high rep or high weight-low rep, wich is best? Does it matter?

Do 5X5 training. In other words low reps, high sets, high load.
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I’ve always been partial to Meltdown training when doing the T-Dawg.

Ah, the $64,000 question! There are differing opinions on this. I’d suggest reading the Meltdown articles (and doing a forum search too). I’d also suggest reading the Ripped, Rugged and Dense articles (ditto forum search).

Personally, the high-intensity technique didn’t work for me. But it has for others.

I believe it is dependent on starting and goal bodyfat percentages. When starting over and working toward 10-12% bodyfat, I tend to lean towards Meltdown. If you’re looking to go below ten percent, I highly recommend maximal weights training.

Dude, Jamal Lewis was good to me this year during my fantasy football season. Anyway, what kind of results did you get, specifically, loss in body fat and muscle retention while doing the meltdown?