t-dawg diet

Ok so i decided to adopt the t-dawg diet. i know the formulas are only a guideline, but im a little iffy on the fat intake. For a 200 lb guy does 160 grams of protein, 120 grams of fat (omega 3s and 6s) and 70 grams of carbs on training days, 30 on off days, sound correct. Also on off days by lowering carbs should i also lower fat intake as well. Someone that had done this diet or an expert that can tell me exactly how many grams of protein fat and carbs are essential to this diet please lemme know. P.S. i want to be cut not flat

What do you think of the t-dawg diet with an atkins like induction phase and cycleing pentabosol and tribex-500? Also as far as training with this plan- lifting only? Lots of varied lifting and lots of rest? Could it be a good long term cutting and buidling regemine?

I am just starting the t-dawg diet as well. I think U meant 220 grams of fat, 70/160/120 will give U only about 2K cal, U should be getting about 2900 for a 200 lbs guy. BTW this is for someone with moderate metabolic rate (multiply bodyweight by 17). On non workout days, U need to make up the calories by havin more fat (approximately 237 gms). This is what I understood from the article, correct me if I am wrong…anyone?

220 grams??? at 10 cals per gram of fat i came up with about 120 i used the slow metabolism…im actually about 190 lbs i just said 200 to make the numbers easy

It’s all pretty simple , just follow the step by step instructions (with a calculator if need be).
190lbs. X 16(slow metabolism)= 3040-500=2540calories
190lbs. X 0.8(protein)=152gr protein(608cal)
70gr carbs(280cal)
this takes up 888 calories so we have 1652 left over we need to fill, and as the instructions say, fill them with fat,
and for that we would need 183g of fat.

Do the diet as it is wirtten first, then if you do not get the correct results tweek it.
make sure that you do read the whole article. It explains why each step is done and why such amount of pro/carb/fat is used.


oh ya, on the non workout days , why lower carbs and fat? Its says lower the carbs.
If you lowered both you would need to fill the gap with protein and explains why you don’t need to do that. SO just ad 4-5 more grams of fat on non workout days and that will cover your calories missing from the carbs. (most use 1 gram of fat=9 calories)


oh ya, The reason you dont make up the calories on non-workout days from protein is that the body will turn the aminos into glucose, therefore no ketosis.

why did i say 4-5gr fat? i meant 17-18.
when u take carbs down to 30 on on workout day you have 40 less carbs but still need some calories.(40x4=160/9=17.7) I hope i got this right :slight_smile:
so try it a week or 2 as written then see if it needs tweeking. Keep us updated!

heya spuddy

I know why I dont add more protein. I wasn’t asking in the sense as why do we not do that.
I was asking The gentleman who asked the original question ‘why would he do that’ when the article stated ( the answer you gave)

just wanted to clear that up :slight_smile:
I understand it completely , just trying to help the other gentleman understand. I wonder if he has even checked back to see our responses?


spuddy to SLEDGE…OOPS, sorry I misunderstood your post, just trying to help as well, not tryin to be a smart ass