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T-Dawg diet

I’m 188 lbs. Using factor of 17 (-500 calories), I need 2696 calories/day.
Inferring “average portions” on the weekday diet (including the workout shake); the total of calories is about 1600 and the protein total is about 134 grams. If I add to 2 tablespoons of flax oil, I can get to 1856. So, this still leaves about an 800 Kcal deficit with only about 40 grams protein remaining (equals only 160 calories for ‘pure’ protein). Meaning, almost 640 calories have to come from non-carb, non-protein sources.

I’m not in anal-yzing my routine, but I need some help as to a more detailed daily meal program that fits the Atkins/Poliquin profile your article suggests. With an already 500 calorie, fat-loss deficit, I simply could not accept the additional 640 calorie loss with the resultant loss in muscle mass and other negative outcomes.

Use more flax and fish oils to make up the cals.

After you get your protein and carb numbers then the rest comes from fat. I was just on the t-dawg diet and my numbers were 100 carbs(workout days, 70 non-workout days), 200 g Protein, and around 95 g Fat. I would eat more fat on my non-workout days to make up the 120 cal deficit.