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T-Dawg Diet

All summer long I keep telling the wife I’m going to get back into shape. It’s gotten very hard for me. Five years ago I could work 11hrs a day come home and get a workout in and still have energy left. Need some feedback from someone who as done…T-Dawg Diet. I think if I can get some positive feedback then I will follow this diet, and start working out again. I’m 37 years old and my wife thinks thats part of getting old. I say Bullsh** Thank You for all feeback.

Check this out… Swallow the pride and go to your Doctor and ask for a blood panel and ensure you get your Testosterone level checked. If he/she asks why, tell em you are tired all the time, have lost a lot of motivation and get sweaty for no reason. If you test low for T (under 300-350 mg/dl) you might be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy. I’ve been on it for about 15 weeks now and I haven’t felt like this since probably 23 years old. I’m 36. Do yourself the favor and check it out!!!