t-dawg diet

I’m thinking about switching over to the t-dawg diet (on di pasquale’s metabolic diet now) and see ribose-c mentioned as an after-workout shake additive. since that product’s been discontinued, what’s a good thing to add instead? surge seems a little carby for me.


Chris Shugart wrote on the forum a while back that the new T-dawg diet that he’s working on will use Surge instead of an MRP with added carbs. And Berardi writes in the new paper issue of T-mag that Surge won’t interfere with fat loss if used only during or post-training. If you still want creatine you can add that to Surge, but only the plain white stuff, not that Cell-Tech or Phophsgen HP stuff.

Surge would be a great choice to use during the t-dawg diet, particularly after your workout. I believe one serving has about 45 grams of carbs, so that would leave you with about 55 more left from food sources on workout days.