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T-Dawg Diet


I think I found a diet which allows me to go low carb but still allows me to use my brain during grad school.

Enter (Thunderous roar).........T-Dawg.........

Seriously I searched it and found the diet page was down so I simply used google's cached page function and studied it.
Hopefully it isn't down because it was unhealthy or something.

Here is my first menu plan. Keep in mind that this is a plan and I want to get feedback before I eat this way for a week. I have to plan my weeks and will change them every Sat or Sun.
My understanding is that according to 2.0version I will choose Sunday as a "healthy" carb day.

Lifting day diet, other day will be 70 carbs

3 eggs, scrambled
.5oz colby jack cheese
3 slices thick cut bacon
1cup whole milk

2oz pecans (I can't stomach almonds so I substituted)

5.3oz 85% ground beef patty
1cup spinach
2tbsp olive oil
1tbsp garlic

Pre, Mid, Post Workout:
1oz pecans

2 medium chicken breasts
1cup spinach
2tbsp olive oil
1tbsp garlic

30min before bed:
1cup 2% cottage cheese

Nutrient Totals:
Calories: 2,973
Fat: 202.1 - 59%
Carbohydrates: 95.7 - 13%
Protein: 208.1 - 29%

6', 230lbs.

Thank you,


Was there supposed to be a question in your post?

If you meant to ask about the healthiness about the T-Dawg Diet, there’s no problems at all with it in my opinion.

I’ve even put a few sedentary family members on it since it’s relatively easy to follow.

Good choice.

I would omit the pecans peri-workout, however, since they likely won’t be digested in time to fuel training.

I’d also have Superfood with the evening cottage cheese since you’re not eating a lot of fruits and veges.