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T Dawg Diet

Hey guys, thanx for the advise on the Squats. Now I’ve got a new set of questions concerning the tdawg Diet.
I started the diet yesterday (12/3). My diet consists of: eggs (boiled and scrambled), bacon, ham, high-fat hamburger meat, fish, high-fat pork sausage, veg/flax oil, chicken breasts, high-fat cheeses, and broccoli and a salad mixture with a high-fat dressing for my greens. I’m gonna start eating steak too I think.
1st Question: Are these fats too high in sat. fat? Should I be eating lean meats only? I’ve taken my body weight X 16 (Slow metab), and I am getting the Calories in.

2nd: Do you include the calories of the post workout shake to your total daily calories? I know you don’t count the 40g of carbs, but do you add the total calories AND protien to the end of the day totals? (175* .7) I’m supposed to be eating 123g of protien a day, and wonder if I’m supposed to add the 44g I get from my MRP to it…
3rd: Do the carbs in metamucil count since they’re fiber carbs and you shit them out anyway?
4th: Would you suggest eating only at restaurants that have a nutrition guide? For instance, I think McDonald’s does, but how many calories are in the white bread to take away from that total?

Please Help me, I don’t want to get any fatter…

  1. Yes, reduce the sat. fats. Some sat. fats from meat and eggs are fine, but use fat free cheeses, dressings etc. Supplement with good fats- fish oil, flax etc. 2) Yes, count all calories and macros. You do count the carbs too. Why would you not? 3) The carbs in Metamucil come from maltodextrin, not fiber. Count them or use an unflavored, carb free product. 4) As long as you stick to your guidelines, then you can eat at restaurants. But you won’t be able to count cals in most places. Just be honest with yourself. Should you be eating white bread on a reduced carb diet? Honestly, I think you need to read the articles a little closer.

So if I used a sugar free metmucil while on the t-dawg diet would I still have to count the carbs from this product?

Sugar free Metamucil still contains carbs from maltodextrin. Psyllium husk itself has no calories or carbs. You can can get plain psyllium husks products at health food stores and even GNC under name Colon Pure.

Thanks for the answers Chris, but I do have a few more questions. 1) You say that some fats from meats and eggs are okay, so I also need to be eating lean cuts of meat, right? Does that mean to meet the caloric requirements that I’ll be consuming quite a bit of flax? I weigh 175, so my cal. amt. is 2300 and my protien is 125g. 2) What are macronutrients anyway? Is that the ratio of Carbs/fats/protien? You guys mentioned something about a calorie counting book. would that be useful in order to find out those macronutrient ratios. For instance, A Sirloin steak (at least the one I bought) didn’t have a nutrition guide on it, would the book help me with that? 3) When I mentioned the white bread part, I failed to mention that I planned on ditching it. A part in the T Dawg diet mentions that you could go to a fast food restaurant and eat only the Meat patty and the Cheese. Now when it gives you the nutrition guidelines, the cal/fat/carbs etc. include the bun? If I ditch the bun, how much do I need to take away from the total on the Nutrient chart? I hope I am making sense and thank you for any information you might have.

Be sure you’ve read the T-Dawg Q and A article, which came a few issues after the diet was posted.

1) Yes. But don’t worry too much about exceeding the protein numbers. I always go way over and can drop fat just fine.

2) Macros are protien, fat and carbs. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. There are various books and websites that list macros and calories for foods that don’t have labels. (Meats soon will. New law.)

3) Go to the grocery store and write down the macros of a hamburger bun. Then subtract when you go to a fast food place. Won’t be perfect but will be close. Overall, you’ll want to reduce time spent in fast food places though. Best restaurant meal on the T-Dawg- steak and salad.

Also, go to Walmart or Target and get a kitchen scale. You can find them with all the other kitchen accessories (pots & pans, whatever). I got one for like 8 bucks or something. You can weigh cuts of meat and check the nutriet profile on the internet. Plenty of websites have that information. One I know if www.nutri-facts.com. Good luck, guy.

Alright Chris, let me give you a sample day of my diet, tell me what you think of it:
3 scrambled eggs
1 slice kraft singles cheese
2 slices bacon
2 oz. sausage
1 Tbsp veg. oil
1 Hardboiled egg
1 Slice Kraft Cheese
4 oz. Sirloin Steak
1 Slice Kraft Cheese
1 Tbsp Flax
1 oz. mixed nuts
2 Beef Sticks (slim jim like)
1 Chicken Breast
2 Cups Lettuce
.5 oz. Vermont Cheddar Cheese (high fat cheese)
2 Tbsp. Blue Cheese Dressing
1 Chocolate Myoplex
1 Tbsp. Flax

Total Calories:
2297 (Bodyweight 175) Protien 169

Am I eating enough Flax? Tell me what you think

I think for all this free advice, you could at least not use our competitor’s products and instead try one of ours. :slight_smile:

Okay, okay. It sounds fine, more like the Anabolic Diet than the T-Dawg, but that’s okay. I still stuggest using less saturated fats (high fat cheese, dressing etc.) and more good fats like flax and fish oil caps. I would also dump the highly processed meats or at least reduce intake. Use beef jerky, not beef sticks.

I have 2 bottles of MD6 on the way right now and have FULL intention of trying out your GROW! (I want to taste that taste that I heard really good things about).
So what are highly processed meats? Is that Pork Sausage, Ground Chuck, and Beef Sticks? How does my diet resemble the Anabolic Diet? I want to get it looking like the T dawg Diet so that I can try the anabolic Diet later with the bulking and the dieting phases. Are you going to revamt the T dawg Diet with the new notes you have in a t-mag article (You Know, the new notes containing the 100/50 carb intake instead of the 70/30)?

By the way, I appriciate all of the free advice you guys provide. You are the primary source (I also have started reading the books you guys suggest) to my training. Thank you so much.

Grow! isn’t being made right now, but Advanced Protein is about the same thing only with low carbs. Surge is ideal for post-workout.

Processed meats include beef sticks and most of the stuff you find at a deli- lunch meats etc. Your diet is more like the Ananbolic Diet because of the high saturated fat content (the bulking phase of which is a faulure for most people. Read my SWIS article a few issues back for more info on that, also Part II of “Eat Like a Man”)

I’ll put “T-Dawg: Version 2.0” on my to do list.

WHy did Biotest discontinue GROW!? Is it being reformulated? Would advanced Protien work if I used Maltodextrin to make up for the carbs? You cant take away this “delicious” shake, I wanted to try it… just kidding about the threat by the way…

That was explained in detail in a past Reader Mail section. Can’t remember which one off hand. There has been talk of reformulating it. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen though. Most people are happy with AP. You can eat some oatmeal with AP or add a little skim milk and you have a great MRP. (And AP tastes about the same as Grow! did, but the texture is a little thinner.) If you’re talking about post-training, then just use Surge.

Kyle, get a Nutrition Guide from Wendy’s. It’s the most detailed fast food guide I’ve found so far. Below the “Sandwiches” total, it lists “Sandwich Components.” BTW, a Wendy’s “Sandwich Bun” comes in at 160 calories, with 31 grams of carbs.