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T-Dawg Diet

What kind of results has anyone had with the T-Dawg Diet?

I basically live most of the time on the T-Dawg Diet, other than when I’m in a mass/gain phase of my life. Then it’s a modified “See Food” diet plan! But say four out of every six weeks I’m definitely in the T-Dawg Diet scene, and enjoy it a bunch. Right now I’m 205-207# at 5’11" and my leanest ever at this weight (don’t know %, but I have four visible abs).

I had good success with a T-Dawg/MRP Diet combo.

basically i eat a tdawg type diet.but i have been following poliquins advice. i eat about 80 to 100 grams of carbs a day for 7 days. then lower down to nearly no carbs for seven days. i increase my carbs to around 40 or 50 grams every fifth day. kind of an iso caloric approach. my protien comes mainly from lean cuts of meat and protien shakes. carbs come from vegetables and dextrose. fats , flaxseed oil, safflower oil, peanut butter and nuts. works really well and my energy doesnt go up and down. but everyone is different.also i do interval training and thai boxing, so my carbs are a little higher than poliquins recommendations.hope this helps.

I should add that I credit the T-Dawg Diet (and Methoxy-7 but I don’t want this to sound like a commercial) with bringing me down from 215# a few months ago, to a low of 191# in July, while at the same time keeping my lean mass consistent. End result: I appear to be larger, am quite a bit more muscular, than I was at 215# or thereabouts.

I’ve been on the T-Dawg diet for 6 weeks using German Body Comp training. I went from 5’9" 172lb 15% bodyfat to 175 lb 10%. I trained 3 days/wk with no cardio. My diet was 22-2500 Cal and included mostly steak, cottage cheese, nuts, eggs, salad, olive/canola/flax/fish oils and protein powder. I ate whatever I wanted on Sundays. In addition my energy levels were normal and I was rarely hungry on this diet.