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T-Dawg Diet v1 vs v2


Which is better?


I liked Version 2 because it allows you a little more carbs. If I take carbs too low than my workouts tend to suffer big time. I also found Version 2 to be easier to stay on.




Someone told me that v1 is better because you go into keto... while in v2, you don't. He also said that you may gain weight like crazy if you eat too many carbs for a couple days!

Is any of this right?


I would say version 2 hands down.

Only benefit version 1 may have over 2 is getting off that last teeny bit of fat at the bitter end of a hard dieting cycle. Drawbacks though are many, namely the energy for workouts, the retention of LBM, and the basic sanity.
And some people's guts don't deal well with extended periods of low carb dieting either.

Personally I've done it both ways, and I do well on low carb, yet I can't imagine doing it without the surge post workout ala version 2.


Couldn't pass up yet another chance to give T-Dawg 2 major props.

It rules.


You can lose fat even when you are not in ketosis. A one carb refeed will probably enhance your results but when you come off the diet you are going to want to slowly introduce carbs back into your diet. If you don't it could result in some fat gain.


Surge is the BEST! I don't even know if it works or not, only been taking it for a week, but it tastes like CAKE!!!


I meant to say "One carb refeed a week will probably enhance your results..."


When you refeed, do you just eat whatever you want? Do you count calories or carbs?