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T Dawg Diet Support

I have been on the T-Dawg diet for 3 weeks now. I have also been using Melt Down training for 3 weeks. I have been supplementing with Tribex, M and another company’s crappy fat burner that I am just trying to use up. I have been losing 2-2.5 lbs per week. The bottom line is I feel like crap all the time, I am really pushing myself to train. I seem to lose gas 2/3 of the way through training. I seem to get headaches and queasy feeling in my stomach often. Saturdays are great when I carb-up I feel good, Sunday and Monday when I transition back to just fats and proteins I really feel out of sorts. Has anyone else out there had similar experience? I am at the verge of scrapping this diet/training combo and trying some other combination to lean out. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Where are you at, BF% - wise? Reason why I’m asking is that from previous discussions here in the forum regarding Meltdown Training, consensus was that Meltdown was great if you were above 12% - below that and you should look into something like 5x5.

I agree with patricia, switch to a lower rep, lower volume program like 5x5. Higher rep, higher volume programs are hell on low carb diets and I believe you retain more lbm when using lower reps with a low carb diet. I’ve also had great success with HST while on a low carb diet, probably due to the fact that the last four weeks are in the 5 rep range and the total volume is relatively low. You might also want to experiment with dropping out the carb up on Sat. Often the carb up interferes with the body’s ability to adapt to a low carb diet. In addition, you will acheive your fat loss goals more rapidly. The carb up is a nice reward for a week of sacrifice, but if you think you can do it, go without.

My BF is between 18-19%.

Right now I’m on the Fat Fast and Meltdown Training and I feel pretty darn good. Ill admit I haven’t been able to get through some of the workouts on Meltdown (been on it for just a week). I know what you mean with the headaches and the nausea. I really dont have headaches, it’s just as I work out there feels like the pressure on my head increases (blood pressure). After the workout I start to calm down and there really is no headache. I haven’t puked yet, I always stop short, but I have had some pretty severe nausea. You might try about 45 grams of carbs before meltdown to see if it helps with your crappy feeling and losing gas through the workout. Ive done that for three of the workouts and and it really didnt seem to affect my weight-loss. Ive went from 311 to 296 give or take about three pounds with the scale I use, in 7 days of fat fast and 4 workouts of meltdown. But I will add I worked out without consuming any carbs before meltdown last night and was just fine. I also reduced the load quite a bit on the movements to make it through this bad mamajama of a workout. Its working quite well. My arms are still 18" and my strength, so far that I’ve tested, has stayed the same. It actually feels like I’m getting stronger. After the workout last night I was pretty drained and went over and grabbed the 55’s and did a couple alternating arm db curls. I must say they felt pretty light even though I was drained. Just on a side note you might look into the ‘crappy fat burner’ as the culprit of your feeling so bad. Sorry for the long post. God bless and keep on slappin’ down the beast that is mediocrity.