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T-Dawg diet spreadsheet

Anybody ever create one for their own use?

I am looking to make one, in Excel, that includes a menu plans and a shopping list, and is able to lookup from the menu and serving size a caloric and macro breakdowns?

Seems to me the commercially available menu / calorie software isn’t really geared to the T-dawg 2.0 diet.

Just wondering if anyone here has one, would be nice to save some time…

Yes i believe our buddy Jodgey made one of those up… All fancy and everything.

Where is that formerly podgey jodgey when you need him?

Im suffering through academic sodomy.
yeah, PM me your email address and I will get it to you.
Its pretty sweet and shit.

No offense to fresh off the boat asians, but man they are tough to take when teaching math classes. high level theoretical math is tough enough to decipher without an indiscernable accent to sift through while the dude scribbles illegable equations at light speed. I should have gone to Kumon.

quick story, when I took calculus (math geeks may appreciate this) we had a grad student who had appx 10 minutes of practice using the english language. He taught us all the ‘szszszhenuuuaaaah!!!’ to find a derivative. He actually kind of yelled when he said it. We all thought it was some ancient chinese tactic that included a fatality when you got a flawless victory. We scoured the text book for like a week, noone had a clue as to what the guy was talking about. Finally it dawned on us that he was talking about the ‘Chain Rule’. SZszszhenuuuuuuaaaah!!!

I feel your pain Jodgey. I had a professor for Partial Differential Equations, that I swear the only english he knew was “yes or no”. He’d write a bunch of stuff on the board, grab his pointer, point to it, and then say “yes or no” so fast that no one could really understand what he was saying. But he’s gotten better, he’d only been in an English speaking country 1 week before he started teaching here. But it made that PDE class rough. Can you send me a copy of that spreadsheet? I’ll PM you.

I hear you on the math thing, will PM you my email.

Thanks for the help folks!


I got 16 private message.
I am at the lab right now, but should be able to send the spreadsheet when I get home tonight. If anyone else wants it, pm me.
As for the math class situation, there comes a time in every semester, a beautiful moment of zen after months of agonizing over course material that just isnt clarifying itself with the hours and hours of study. Its called capitulation my friends. Giving up. And it is so early in the semester, I can get my money back. Schwing.

I just sent out the spreadsheet to a bunch of people. If you were supposed to get it and didnt, I apologize. PM me again, and I will send it again. If anyone else wants it, PM me with your address and I will send it to you as well.
Im heading to the bahamas tonight and will be back monday evening.
Take care.

and make sure that you include your EMAIL ADDRESS.