T-dawg diet revisted

I don’t really post much. I know this has probably been covered several times(so show some patience)but here goes. Firts off, let me tell you where I am starting from a where i hope to get. I am 6 ft ~170 lbs,with a bf% around 8-10%. I am wanting to gain roughly 5-10lbs and drop 2-3 %bf. After reading the T-dawg article, I have decided to give it a try. I have a couple questions and just need a little help getting things started. My first question – Is it still possible to gain mass while on the diet?(I know the article says you can but i would like to know what to expect and want some personal feedback)Question 2 – Can I throw T2 into the diet? (and if so how often and does that affect the guidelines outlined in the article.)
I would appreciate any help that anyone could give me with this. --Rhojin

Gaining weight is possible on the t-dawg diet, but I wouldnt’ count on it. It’s much more feasible to gain weight on it than other keto diets because of the post-workout nutrition, but keto diets just arent good for gaining mass though. With enough calories it can be done, I think, but will be very hard. Good luck - PJ

thanks for the reply PJ. Do you know anything about throwing T2 into the mix or can you reccommend some other diet to help me reach my goals.?.?