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T-Dawg Diet Revised

 Hey guys i changed the t-dawg diet up by adding a more detailed pre and post workout meals hoping to gain muscle. At the same time....BEFORE my workouts im eating very little...its like the approach kelly baggett suggested in his article to build muscle and lose fat....

And not to start another thread…do i still consume a pre workout and post workout drink and nutrition after running and sprinting??? just after weight training correct? thank you

Meal #1 (Big breakfast option)
Egg and cheese omelet
Protein shake
2 fish oil
2 flax oil
yogurt, handful of mixed nuts

Meal #2
Tuna, boiled egg

Meal #3
Chicken breasts
Mixed veggies

Meal #4
30 minutes pre-workout �?? Consume 10 grams of BCAAs. These get into your system fast and ensure that when your workout begins you have elevated blood amino acid levels.
15 minutes pre-workout - Begin sipping on 1 serving of Surge with 5 grams of added micronized creatine.

This is the second layer. Surge contains dextrose, maltodextrose, protein hydrosylates and BCAAs, all of which have very fast absorption times, thus guaranteeing that your blood amino acid, blood sugar, and insulin levels stay elevated throughout your workout. Continue to sip on your workout drink until the end of your workout.

End of workout �?? Finish left over Surge. The next layer is another 10 grams of BCAAs. This will elicit another blood amino acid spike to halt any chance of muscle breakdown while setting the stage for maximum protein synthesis.
30 minutes post-workout - Surge

Meal #5 -60 minutes post workout
Scrambled egg whites

Meal #6 - 105 minutes post workout
Chicken breasts
Sweet Potato

Meal #7

Protein shake
2 fish oil capsules
2 flax oil

I would say weight training only for the pre and post, however only you know how hard you work when doing other things. A good pre-workout meal would be good for running, but only really necessary if you run cross country.

k thanks a lot. how does the diet look though?