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T-Dawg Diet Results?

What has been the results thus far? I am interested if there has been any negative side effects as well as the positive effects.

That diet is about a decade old. However, this is similar but more up to date:

Thanks Chris, for the reply and info.

thought this was going to be about the diet from T-Daw from the Walking Dead

One of the first true diet ‘plans’ I ever followed and got results. Just enough carbs to keep my LBM, while still allowing me to tighten up with relative ease. I remember measuring out my frosted flakes in milk as my PWO carbs. This was shortly before my famous Pop-Tart conversion :slight_smile:


@ The Mighty Stu… thats some funny shit, I can just see someone measuring frosted flakes… I never seem to crve carbs until night time, then I am like Fuck, and I wana eat pizza. Kinda got the idea to put aguave nectar in my oatmeal… I am trying to get to the single digits on bf and stay that way.

A walking dead diet? Hahaha… thats simple… way too much Clen, DNP, and ECA mixed with St. John Wort… instant death