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t-dawg diet question

Need help figuring out t-dawg diet…i weigh 215 lbs, with a slow metabolism…so i multipied that by 16 to get 3440, then subtracted 500 to get 2940 calories…now if i take in 215 grams of protein thats 860 cals, then 30 carbs a day (non-workout) thats 120 cals, that leaves 1960 calories unaccounted for, are all those calories supposed to come from fat??
any advice, or feedback would really help, thanks

Yep the rest of the calories are going to come from fat, mainly good ones like nuts, olive oil, flax seed, fish oil. I think this diet was revised and suggested more carbs 100g on work out days and 50g on off days.

Here you go friend (I will do your homework):
eat about 250g of protein, 100g of carbs., and 175g of fat a day. Yes on non workout days go with 50g of carbs…, and also reduce cals because of it. Yes, that includes postworkout for the 100g of carbs on workout days. Also, try using t2-pro with this.