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T-dawg Diet Question

I’m planning to start the T-dawg diet but was confused about one thing. It says that after you figure out your maintenance calories, you should subtract 500 Kcals a day. If I’m going on an 8 week program, that would mean that by the 4th day I’d be consuming only 856 Kcals! 2856 Kcals being my maintenance. Can someone please explain this to me? Thanks

It’s just 500 under maintenance. So…2356kCal every day until your weight changes, then recalculate…Good luck

you dont subtract 500 every day, just once and then eat that amount everday so if your maintnence is 2865 you would eat 2365 everday to lose weight.

you don’t subtract 500 calories everyday for the whole time, just subtract 500 from your maintenance and eat that amount of calories everyday.

You DUMBASS! How stupid are you? What do you think happens on the 7th day?.. You think you have to start chopping of limbs?? LOL

Eat the reduced intake for 2 days in a row, and then eat the maintenance level. This will keep your metabolism guessing and continue to drop fat.