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T-Dawg Diet Question for Chris Shugart

I’m gearing up for the T-Dawg diet, and just wanted you to glance at my numbers if you could. I’m about 200lbs now, medium metabolism, trying to lose a good amount of fat while maintaining muscle. Here’s what I have:

goal: 2900 calories/day

160g protein = 640 calories (every day)

70g carbs = 280 calories (workout days)

30g carbs = 120 calories (non workout days)

220g fat = 1980 calories (workout days)

238g fat = 2142 calories (non workout days)

After week 1 I’ll evaluate where I am and adjust accordingly.
I know you said for the first week only go 250 calories below maintanance, but I’ve dieted ketigenic before, so I know what to expect, plus I have the BF% to spare. Thanks for the time!

Rocco, too much fat… not enough protein.
It looks like your following the percentages based on grams, instead of calories. if you’re trying to get 60% of your diet from fat, take 2900 calories X 0.6 = 1740 cals from fat (This would equate to 193 grams of fat). For protein multiply by .35 = 1015 (or 254 grams of protein) The remaining 5% will be carbs. Hope this helps.