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T-Dawg Diet N00b

Hey I'm thinking of getting started on the T Dawg diet as appears on the site...I should be consuming about 1270cals per day after the first week's up, so I've broken down the macros into grams, cals etc and it just doesn't seem quite right! 

In order to consume the amount of carbs (100g/70g) and protein (177g) suggested by the diet, I would only be consuming 18g of fat…which simply sounds way too low! I also wonder if the carbs are too high…Should I maybe cut the carbs or protein down after the first week to ensure I’m getting enough fat? Is this a stupid question; have I missed some major part here or what?!

For people on the lighter side, it may be a better idea to go by bodyweight ratios. 1.5 grams protein per pound of bodyweight, 0.5 grams of carbs per pound, and the rest fat. That might even your fat ratio out some.


Hmm Id say yes drop prob the protein and fats a touch to get the fats in. Maybe mainly on off days go a bit lower on carbs good idea to have them, on training day but you are small so less may not be bad there either. Try maybe 1g protein per lb and 80/50 for carbs see how that feels.

You might drop this question the Chris Shugart and or TC in there lockers.


With the T-Dawg diet doesnt it recommend starting with bodyweight in lbs x 15. If youre consuming only 1270 calories that makes you only 84lbs in weight. If this is so then i wouldnt be dieting if I were you! That is probably why your grams of fat are so low. Let us know how much you weigh and I will be more than happy to sort your pro/carbs/fat out for you!

It does, but she said after the first week, in which you drop 500 kcal off of that total. If my math skills are still in tact, I believe she weighs 118 lbs.