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T-DAWG diet for sprinters

I was curious if it would be unhealthy to stay on the T-dawg diet year round. The reason for this is because I compete in BMX races yaear round, and need to maintain a good strength to weight ratio. Therefore this diet is perfect. I’m sure you know that when you sprint you’re anarobic. The first 5-10 seconds ATP is synthesized directly from phosphacreatine stores, then ATP is resynthesized from stored muscle triglycerides. Carbs just arent that usefull. Also, If you stay on a high fat diet, This should increase your muscular triglyceride storage. Any input would be great, and tell me if you think my logics flawed, but include why. CHRIS

hey man,

I dont have an answer…but I would think
that carbs are pretty necessary in racing…

I used to race and I know that they kept me with the extra energy…

…lagging without em

hey man…I ride freestyle…out here in La…went to colledge in pittsburgh pa…
that was awesome…tons of riders…still
riding…building a mini in the back yard…12 by 26…5 feet tall…
I ride flat alot…but can ride mini and street…

where are you racing?



Thanks for the input bro. I’m an A-pro, and race mostly nationals. I really would like to know if it would be detrimental to eat like this year-round.

Chris, What’s your last name and where are you from? I also race. As far as the diet, try using a zone/iso ratio. Going keto sucks for both racing and recovery- gotta have some carbs. Intramuscular fat helps leverage for high-intensity lifts but doesn’t benefit explosive turnover. JD/Macon, GA

I live in houston, Tx. I figured I could carb up the week of the race. This way I would have good glycogen stores for recovery between motos (and hopefully mains!). Thanks jeff.

Some of the low carb gurus say that once you adjust to low carbs that you can perform better athletically than when on a regular diet. (I think I read that in Atkins’ book.) They quote one study done on bicyclists. I’m not so sure. Atkins also says that jogging is “far superior” to weight training and recommends using a jogging trampoline. Uh huh.

I’d say an athlete needs more carbs than what the T-Dawg allows; however, that doesn’t mean to go out and eat sugar and white bread all day. Just eat some oatmeal (none of that sugary flavored crap either) and some fruits and veggies. Always eat some fat and protein along with the carbs. The carbs in most MRPs are fine, too.

Summary- You may still want to control your carb intake, but don’t eat a super low carb diet. Hope this helps.

Your logic is a little flawed in that you have some of the basic physiological principles wrong. During the initial 10 sec of an all-out effort PCr does contribute a large proportion of the energy, but muscle glycogen contributes a fair bit as well, and after 10 s it is almost entirely muscle glycogen (stored carbs). Muscle triglycerides will contribute next to nothing. They take too long to metabolize. After the bout, recovery (resynthesis of ATP, removal of lactate, stabilization of O2 stores in myoglobin) will also rely to a certain extent on muscle glycogen and blood glucose. Muscle triglycerides might contribute at this point, but again, glycogen is necessary. It is true that some sprinters do not eat a lot of carbs, but they have to eat enough to maintain sufficient glycogen stores. Glycogen will be crucial for optimum performance.

Chris Grose?? THis is Jeff Dein. Small world, huh? Why the hell would you need a keto diet?? You’re semi-lanky like me so I couldn’t see you having weight control issues. I pretty much eat isocaloric (33-33-33) over the course of the day with no carbs in the pre-workout meal and double carbs in the post-meal. On race day I keep the fats down since motos roll around so fast and eat probably about 10f-30p-60c. Nothing precise, just keep eaiting some protein and low GI carbs throughout the day. Now we just have to figure out how to ride like Allier.

Hey Radman, I ride also! I never thought I would find a flatlander on T-mag!? I live up in Portland Maine. Not exactly like the CA seen but there are a few great riders around here. What are you riding? I’m on a older Hoffman Big Daddy but need a new bike pretty bad.

Jeff, I guess your right if I think 'bout it for a minute I really don’t need to lose any bodyfat. I had read some studies given to me by a strength coach from U of H that talked about a high fat diet and its effect on anarobic endurance. As far as ridin like Allier…? thanks guys. Chris

Hey man…I ride a standard tao…
just got it recently…I rode a morales for
the last 5 years…

not alot of flatlanders out there any more…to hard for the kiddies to pick up …if ya ever make a trip out to cali …let me know…


dude…why…do…you…type…like…this…? Sorry, I’ve had a bad day. Carry on.