T-Dawg Diet for Gains?

Could a T-dawg type diet best used to gain mass, assuming that calories from protein and a fat provided enough calories to be above maintence? In the past I’ve always bumped my carbs way up (protein too of course) when trying to gain LBM, but all the extra carbs make me feel slugish and hold on to a lot of water. Anyone out there in T-Man land try this before?

I have not tried it, but I would think you would want more carbs. Are you getting them from oatmeal, brown rice etc. It can make all the difference compaired to say white bread.

I would also think that not getting enough carbs can make you feel shitty. I guess everyones different.

I think you could gain mass on a t-dawg type diet. The anabolic diet by Dr. Dipasquel (or however you spell it) is a high fat/pro mass diet I believe (also has a cutting version which was reviewed here by Shugart).

Im basically on a higher Cal T-Dawg 2.0. Mainly because Im a mild type 2 diabetic and dont handle carbs well. I keep carbs at 100g, protein at around 225g (1.5g/lb), and adjust calories with fat intake.

Yes one can gain weight on it but given that Im a hard gaining ectomorph it’s never much for me.

I suggest experimenting. Try a T-dawg template with total calories at, say 17-20 times bodyweight. Eat most carbs during or post workout and see how it goes. Adjust carb ratio up or down incrementally as needed.

Yes many have used the T-dawg to bulk up. It simply burns down to the individual, some do better on the lower carbs. You mioght be one such person.

I would give it a try. It may lead to a better bulk for you, giving more LBM and less fat gain.

Good luck.

Oh and dont be affraid to bump the carbs up a little for the bulk. Even if you just bump it on training day by another 50 or so. If it is needed. Just listen to your body experiment and GROW.

Keep us posted on your results.

Thanks for the replies fellas, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my stats . . . maybe some before and after pics too