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T-dawg diet foods

i was wondering if anybody could suggest any high-fat/low-carb snacks. i am getting a little tired of the peanuts and beef jerky. anything tasty? thanks!

Pork Rinds!

Sugar-free Vitamin C chewables. Cheese. Boil and egg, slice into pieces, pour olive oil over them (slices) and salt to taste. Salami.

Smoked salmon, sardines, pre cooked shrimp and cocktail sauce, deviled eggs, pork rinds and salsa, or you can eat an Adkins bar…they don’t taste as good as the other options but they fit in a pocket.

String cheese. The amazing thing is that
it apparently is ultrapasteurized or in some
other way sterilized, so it can go quite some
time (days) without refrigeration. Well, it’s not that tasty, but it’s convenient and
certainly fast.

Macadamia nuts are a real treat but unfortunately are expensive.

jello and whipped cream kept me filled. Microwaveable sausage and bacon. I definitely agree string cheese when you are pushing for time.

A bit costly, but Buffalo Mozzerella cheese with extra virgin olive oil and pepper…I can eat it all day. I also have a smoker…great investment…you can make beef jerky seasoned to taste, turkey jerky, etc. It is nice because if your creative with the herbs and spices you can get some great combinations, and it is easily portable.