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t-dawg diet/fatigue

Hey guys. After being on the t-dawg diet for 2 weeks now my energy levels are not rising like i had hoped. I’ll be entering into my third year of training and this is the first time i’ve had to cut. Before this diet i was around 400-500 grams of carbs, 300-400 grams of protien, and 3,500to 5,000 cals a day. Now i’m at 100grams of carbs, 300 grams of protien, and around 2000 cals. Im currently taking md6, tribex, and protien. I was hoping energy levels would rise after the first week or so but i am extremely tired all day long. The md6 has not really seemed to have a big effect on jitters or energy. Am i doing something wrong? Does anyone have any ideas or comments? Thanks guys. BTW, 6"3, 220, 14%bf.

100g C+300g P =1600 calories. Are you getting only 400 calories from fat?, that might be your problem. I have been on t-dawg diet (5 weeks)and feel great, no problems with energy. Just for reference I weigh 192 and my macro ratio is app. 70/160/200. With such low calories and no fat your T levels will be affected and might loose too much LBM. peace

dude you need carbs too do almost everything
your carbs should ouy weigh protein by far people who tell you that protein is the way suck.they dont know what they are talking about. see a dietician so you can get the right advise

yea um great post sharn

first off sharn your clueless! second, reggie in my experience with low or no carb diets the loss of energy that most people experience is from lack of calories not lack of carbs. actually i have felt more energetic on a low carb diet because there is no post insulin spike, crash. you need to increase your calories from fat. not that its the greatest thing to do, but when i was on the t-dawg or anabolic diet i would go to jack in the crack and order a bacon ultimate cheeseburger throw the bun out the window and take it to my face. and i still got more lean than ever. im not recommending that everyone should do that due to cholesterol and other issues but it worked for me. just eat more freakin calories.

Brotha U dont know what U talkin about, have U read the t-dawg article? or anything else that has been posted on this site. Reggie, just for the note most of your fats should come from good oils (e.g. olive oil), nuts, fish oil, flex seeds, but do as you please. Good luck