t-dawg diet contflicting info.

OK, this makes no sence to me. let’s start off with the total calories t-dawg diet recommends. for me i’ll figure 17 cal/pound. so me weighing 250, that equals to 4,250 calories per day to maintain. now to loose weight i subtract 500, which gives me 3,750 calories a day for dieting. now, let’s break that down. i need .8g/lb protein. which for me is 200 g. protein a day. 70g. a day of carbs seem to be the “one-size fits all”… so, 200 g. protein + 70 g carbs X 4 calories/gram = 1,080 calories. but… i still need another 2,670 calories. so, since my carbs and protein are required to be that low per this diet, (and i haven’t acounted for fiber) what am i to do to add those extra calories ??? what, add 296 grams of fat ???

PODGE: The problem is that at 250 pounds (unless you’re one HELL of a ripped NFL linebacker!), you are most likely going to have to base your caloric calculations on LEAN body weight and/or about 12-15 cals/pound. You’ll have to play with the numbers a bit to get values that are more workable and reasonable.

Once that’s done, you MUST adjust, monitor and RE-adjust. Hope this helps!

thanks !!.. the numbers look more realistic when you put it that way. i figure i could drop 30-35 pounds. i’ll play around with the 12-15 cal/pound, like you said… i think i’ll try slightly higher protein, 225g. and 100g. carbs. i’ll see how i feel in about a week or so and adjust those #'s accordingly. I’m giving myself 18 weeks to drop the weight.

Are the t-dawg calories bsed from pounds or kilos? I have seen people mention both, and was a little cofused

T-Dawg caloric recomendations are based on body weight in pounds. BTW, Mufasa - good point about going with lean body mass for someone who is on the heavier side.

I read through the t- dawg diet and it does say tht the remaining calories shoud come from fats, either from your protein sources or good fats such as flax and fish oil.

that still seems like a ton of extra fat to make up those extra calories…like 130+ grams