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T-Dawg Diet carbs/ratiios?

Hi guys!

I’ve been lifitng for a couple years and am looking to shed some fat over the next few months. I’m planning to start T-Dawg tomorrow and was wondering about the amount of carbs women should eat on this plan. Do we adjust according to weight to eat the same ratio as the model in the plan or does everyone eat 100/70g? This would change the ratios quite a bit in someone weighing less.


Well depending how small you are I would say you can always lower the carbs.

Really I think you can drop the carbs down to just being what you get from veggies and your post workout drink if you choose.
I know on several days i’ve been 10-20 carbs low. Just make sure you get them post workout and I also always do breakfast, otherwise it’s just a matter of choice the rest of day and some just for fiber/ph needs as your body dictates.

I successfully followed the t-dawg diet 70/100 protocol; I’m 112lbs and 15%BF. Starting out, I was 112lbs and 18%bf. Carbs during breakfast and post-workout were essential for me; otherwise, i stuck to veggies and fiber supplement.

I think it depends on the individual, but 100g is a good starting point.
I am 210 lbs and I tend go lower (about 40g) on non weight training days and abit higher on training days (~120g from added carbs at breakfast and post W/O)
dont drop cals to fast when switch to the diet. get used to the diet principles for 10-14 days then start dropping the cals. same with cardio dont go from no cardio to 6 sessions per week, ease into it.

In my experience, once I tried the T-Dawg 2.0 approach (70/100g), I can’t see myself going back to the less than 30g very low carb way. My fat loss at 70/100g is as rapid as it ever was with 30g or less.

At least for me, that seems to be the key. Pushing the carbs up to 70/100g doesn’t inhibit my progress at all, and I get all the benefits that come with the extra carbs (energy, no blahs, and less prone to carb craving).

While what Whetu said about easing into the diet would certainly make the transition smoother, there’s others who have had great success starting out with a Fat Fast for the first two weeks. See Christian T’s article, something like The Beast Unleashed, for a good diary of this approach.

Sorry to repost, but on reflection, I don’t think my first post was very helpful, seeing as I only gave my experience, and the question was clearly about carb intake for women.

Thanks for the replies!

I weigh 162 and figured the calories at 1930. To get the same ratio as for the 200 lbs. model, I should get 243g protein, 72g carbs on workout days & 52g on non-workout days and 75g fat. The ratio is 50/15/35 (P/C/F). I’m addicted to steel cut oats and this cuts my serving in half and leaves very little room for veggies when you add in the workout carbs. I think I would just really love to be able to eat the 100s/70g carbs as in the example so I can get some extra fiber. I’m sure I’ll get some more veggies figured in there soon.

I’ve done LC before and am used to few starchy carbs, but I got very used to lots of fiber following Body Rx so this is going to be an adjustment again.

What workout do you guys follow with this diet? I’m a bit limited right now on UBWOs due to tendinitis in elbows & shoulders so I need to keep weights pretty light.