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T-Dawg Diet Calorie Totals

i’m going to try this out. my question is im 200 pounds and it says for a 200 pound guy he should put eat around 3000 calories, i put in my diet using the custom foods on fitday and i only got about 2400 calories. amybody got any suggestion on a way to increase my calories without going over the carb amount.

i was thinking about using flax oil

my diet http://fitday.com/WebFit/DayFoodsTab.asp

The Article http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=473067

The first link doesn’t show anything specific, just the fitday front page.

How much protein/carbs/fat are you currently eating? It wouldn’t hurt to up the protein and fibrous carbs (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, yadda yadda) and add a little fat from nuts, fish oil, extra virgin olive oil, etc.

Also, if you’re doing PWO nutrition on training day, then that could easily be an extra 300 cals (can’t remember what a typical serving of Surge provides).

im already going to eat a 1/2 a cup of almonds. i think im going to get some flax oil and just drink it straight up and also add some more veggies and possible some walnuts.


nuts olive oil, fish oil,coconut etc etc