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T Dawg Diet Caloric Intake ??????

I was just reading over the basics for the T dawg Diet and was doing some calculations regarding the Protein/Carb/Fat Breakdown. This is long, so bear with me.

First, Your talking about taking your bodyweight and multiplying it by 16, 17 or 18, based on your metabolism. I took my bodyweight, 220lbs x 16=3520

Then it says subtract 500 calories to get your daily caloric target. 3520-500=3020 cal

Ok. Now we look at the nutrition intake.

30g carbs=120 cal

Protein= 220 x .6 & .8 would be 132g to 176g Protein per day. This would equal to 528 to 704 calories.

If we took the 120 cal from Carbs, and let’s say the maximum protein of 176 grams(704 cal) would be a total of 824 calories. Now let’s take the caloric target, 3020, and subtract 824, We get 2196 calories. Are you saying that I should consume 2196 calories in Fat? That would equal to 244 gram of Fat. (2196 div by 9)

Please clarify this if I’m wrong in my calculations!!!

Thank you



The diet calls for 30g of carbs AND another 40g in your post-workout drink. So your figures are correct, except change the calories from carbs to 280 which means you’re still getting 2036 calories from fat. Personally, I wouldn’t go this low on protein or carbs, especially if you weigh 220. Some people do fine on 70g of carbs, but I can’t get a good workout without doubling that and I’m around 218 myself.