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T-Dawg Diet and Training

Well, apparently the T-dawg diet is completely pain free, so I guess this question is almost pointless. Does any one have any tips on food choices or timing? Anything that worked well for you that’s not covered in the article would be appreciated.

Also, I’m switching to the 5x5 program, complemented with HIIT, for this diet. I was wondering if I bounced between 5x5 and the 1-6 programs every two weeks would that be too often to mix things up, or should I perhaps do four week blocks.

I don’t know if I would call any diet painless. You’ll still get the cravings as with any other diet that is below maintenance. The best times to eat carbs would be first meal in the morning and right after a workout. When I did the T-dawg I would eat about 40 carbs for first meal and surge after training. John Berardi has touched upon this in one of his Appetite for Construction articles. Also, I would go a full 4 weeks with the 5x5 so that it would give you an ample amount of time to make strength gains from the program.

I thought that four weeks would have been appropriate, but it was an idea. Thanks for the T-dawg info. Time to get ready for the summer.