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T-Dawg diet and Surge?

In a couple of weeks I’m going to start the T-Dawg Diet along with German Body comp training. I like the TD Diet because of the post workout nutrition that is reccomended. However, (and I could be wrong about this) it seems that the diet was written before Surge was out and I’d like to know if anyone used Surge instead of a MRP as suggested? I know Surge has about 16 grams more carbs in it than the diet takes into account for. I have also done a few preliminary calculations for the calorie intake and it scares me that more than 50% of calories will be from flax or hemp oil. ( probably hemp oil for taste:)
And as a last question, how may of you actually ate bacon on this diet? How much of the bad fat is too much? For example can I eat bacon everyday as long as I’m with in the diet parameters? I realize that this is not an optimal plan but I’m just trying to get a feel for how much fat should be in the meats, dairy and cheeses I consume. It seems to go against the whole “clean eating” that I have been trying to do over the past few months. Right now all my cheese butter and meat is low in fat or no fat at all. (like 96% lean ground beef which we then put in a strainer and run hot water over to get any excess fried fat off) If any of you out there have done the T-dawg diet and can send me off in the right direction, it would be apppreciated.
Ps. I have searched the past issues, read the FAQ, and searched the forum as well. However I was not able to read every single hit returned for the forum.
Thanks all :slight_smile:

Although there hasn’t been an article on it, Chris Shugart has layed out the guidelines here and in reader mail a few times for the T-Dawg II diet. Basically, you get 100g of carbs per day, about 50 after training using Surge. The rest you get for breakfast and spread throughout the day here and there.

And hemp oil is pretty poor compared to flax, Udo’s, fish oil etc. Way too many 6’s, not many 3’s as I recall. (That info is at T-mag somewhere.) Don’t sweat the fats from food, especially things like meat and eggs. I’d cut back on dairy fat though. I think Shugs said the same thing.

I’m currently doing T-dawg and Meltdown. First, a word of advice - fiber. Make sure to get enough fiber. Or, you’ll be on the toilet day 4 biting your knuckle to keep from screaming. I’m eating a pound of low carb veges and two tablespoons of metamucil every day.

Second. Taking Surge really depends on whether you’re doing enough damage in the gym to warrant it. It’s not just designed for post-workout glycogen replenishment - a sandwich can do that. It’s designed to aid recovery if your workout warrants it. For example, I’m doing Meltdown. With its slow concentrics, there’s no way I’m doing any microtrauma at all. If you’re doing heavy eccentric training, then I’d say it’s worth it.

Finally, bacon and processed meats. I’m not saying meat is bad for you. I’m eating a pound of lean hamburger every day. But the processed and fried meats have been linked to cancer. The sodium nitrites react with amines to form a rather carcinogen compound (sodium nitrites are in processed, preserved meats). Stay away from these meats, and try to keep the cooking temperature of your other meats low (ie. I mostly boil my hamburger - that way it’s never cooked above 212F/100C). This can be a healthy way of dieting - even though it’s extreme. But you’ve gotta be smart.

I’m going to being the same thing you are, Meltdown and T-Dawg, starting Jan 6. In lieu of Surge for post-workout, what are you taking in then after Meltdown?

Hey you can get bacon, ham and sausage nitrate free, cured free etc. at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods

OMG theres a T-dawg II? Wow. It seems that no matter how much time I spend on this site, ( and it’s a considerable amount, I’m unemployed) I never seem to be able to get the most up to date information. Well I can see that I have a new search to perform as well as look through reader mail.
Regarding the flax oil, do I have to take the liquid form? Can I just take the pills like I have been ( Udo’s for example?) Also As a side note Udo wrote an article saying that hemp oil was superior to flax and it carries some merit coming from the guy who introduced human consumable flax. But you are right, there are more O-6’s than O-3’s. But I don’t eat fish at all so I have to wonder if it would still be beneficial for me. Thanks TEK

El_Machinae: Thanks for the tips. One of the reasons I resisted any kind of "Atkins" style diet for so long is that I don't think you can eat super fatty foods and lose weight ( foods with bad fat in them that is) IE bacon etc. Jeeze I thouhght I was going the extra mile putting my beef in a collander and rinsing it off after buying the leanest possible hamburger available to me.(96%/4%) I can't eat boiled meat but by the same token I will not be eating a pound a day either. Where do you get your recipe ideas? Atkins site? Can you reccomend any others? On the subject of surge I was under the impression that one did not have to tear the muscle or damage it in order to benefit from surge. I read on this site that surge was to be used after any workout where you depleted glycogen. I dunno, it's possible ( and likely) that I have old information and what you are saying is the new standard. Thanks for responding El_Machinae :) Greekdog, have you tried it ? Does unprocessed meat taste better than supermarket meat? Thanks for the info- Newb

Yea I eat it every morning with my eggs…it tastes really good, they have like maple sausage, apple cinnamon bacon, etc. all with no nitrates, hormones, etc. all natural…the bacon is pretty lean too. I still have my flax and fish caps at every meal too. later


DiPasquale has said the saturated fats in beef, bacon, cheese etc. are what makes his anabolic diet work. Duchaine said the same thing about BodyOpus. But I have no idea whether the number of carbs you eat in T-Dawg will make a difference. I think as long as you’re taking Omega 3s, the saturated fats won’t do any harm.

I eat the dullest food you’ve ever seen. So I’m no good for recipe ideas. I’ve been eating 8 fried eggs a day for over two months, and just today I bought a poacher. Talk about boring!

My pound of hamburger is just boiled in a fry pan with a bit of salsa - once the water is almost gone, I take it off and eat it half a pound at a time.

I DON’T think staying in ketosis is healthy. I also don’t think living on fat for a long time is healthy. I have no real proof, but it’s what I feel. Luckily I eat 28g of fish fat every day, hoping to balance things out.

I think Surge is only really needed if you’re exercising enough such that you’re sending an anabolic or catabolic signal. Meltdown sure doesn’t do that. I just eat a tuna sandwich post-workout.