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T-Dawg diet and Protein intake

Help me out here,
I’m reading through the old T-Dawg diet (Issue 83) and I read “Protein intake should be 1.4-1.8 grams per kilogram (0.6-0.8 grams per pound) of bodyweight.”

Then in T-Dawg diet (Issue 86) I’m reading on how to estimate calorie intake “Let’s say that you weigh 200 pounds and have an average metabolism. Multiplying 200 by 17, you get 3,400. We’ll consider that a ballpark figure of your daily maintenance intake of calories.”

This would mean that our 200-pound T-Man would consume (0.7 * 200 =) 140 grams of protein or 560 calories from protein a day??? This does not make sense…

Please roast away but can someone advise me on the correct formula’s to calculate calorie/protein intake.


Eh, what’s to roast? I confess I don’t see your problem. The numbers look right (don’t forget to shave off 250 calories for the first week & an additional 250 the next). The T-Dawg Diet gets most of its calories from fats, so what I did when I started it was to calculate my daily protein needs, add in the recommended pittance of carbs, & then made up the rest of the calorie deficit with fats. I will tell you this, however: I found a discrepancy in suggested protein intake in a couple of other articles on this site that made reference to the T-Dawg Diet(e.g., Behind the Scenes, issue 159). It seems that if you’re taking something like Tribex or Androsol, you should up your daily protein to 1.5 g per lb of bodyweight. This is the number I used to calculate my protein on the T-Dawg Diet even before I started Androsol & Tribex; a little more protein makes for an easier diet, I think. Hope this helps.

You’d be better off using your bodyweight in pounds X 1.5 and just subtract other macronutrients, preferrable carbs to make up for the extra calories. This is what I do when I use the t-dawg diet.

When I experimented with the T-Dawg diet over the summer I used a higher protein ratio also. I think it avg.d out to 1.6 g/lb. Over my four week duration I lost approximately 10 lbs. of fat and maintained all of my muscle. It would be interesting to see how a lower protein ratio would work though.

Thanks for the input guys, I’ve always estimated protein in take by multiplying body weight in pounds not kg’s. I think the suggestion to multiply body weight in kg’s is too light. Calculating protein intake using pounds gives our 200 T-Man 300 grams of protein per day.

Choad, you answered the very same question for me some months ago and how to work out how many calories I should consume considering I weighed 280lbs and had more bodyfat than most to lose. Well, a few months and 40lbs gone. Thankyou my friend, and to T-Mag, this diet has worked better than any I have ever used before!! My weights are still increasing and I feel f*****g great!!! Cheers dudes!!