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T-Dawg Diet and Meltdown Training

I want to lose some fat, and possibly gain some muscle at the same time (I’m a beginner). My friend told me about these, so I think i’m gonna try them. Do you think combining them, for my goals, would be a good idea?

And, is this a good T-Dawg diet?

8:00/ 3 Eggs, 5 pieces of bacon-- Multivitamin

9:30/Whey W/ Water (Or milk???)


2:00/Nuts 8 Slices of cheese

5:50/Whey W/ Gatorade

6:00/ WO

7:00/ 2 Scoops Whey and Gatorade powder

8:30/ 2 Chicken Breasts, Broccoli

9:30/5 Slices of Cheese

I work from 1:00-6:00, usually, so I might cut out the 2:00 meal–i’m not for sure. Then, on Saturday… I just eat whatever I want, as long as it’s not a sugary food like candy?

For the meltdown training, I might add in weighted crunches, and change the decline reverse crunch to a normal reverse crunch (No decline bench) would that be fine?

Thanks for the help

I try to limit my saturated fats while on the T-dawg diet. I replace them with good fats like olive, flax, and fish oils. I also eat 2 meal with carbohydrates. One for the first meal and one for post-workout. Berardi said these are the 2 best times to consume carbs and will be less likely to be stored as fat. My first meal is oatmeal and protein powder. THe gatorade might be OK during post workout but it will more likely lead to fat gain during your other meals. Stick with low glycemic carbs. Read all John Berardi’s articles on nutrition. On your off day try to eat your diet food plus anything you want. This will ensure that you get enough protein and help recovery.

Ok… So, is that meal plan good? I’m 165/5’11. I should take out the gatorade preworkout, right? For supps, what do you think I need as a beginner? Flax seed oil, and anything else? A friend of mine thought I should get: FLax, Creatine, and ZMA…

On Saturday, I just eat like a normal day right, but with as many carbs as I want?

Should I do the T-Dawg diet, and this routine or should I bulk and do a normal routine? I’m a beginner… My bf isn’t too high, i’d say around 15%. Eventually, some day, I want to be 180-220lbs @ 4-6 % BF–like a sprinter. How should I start off, bulking and a normal routine, or doing the t-dawg diet, and the meltdown routine, or something else?

Thanks guys

I agree with JasonL. Try to eat less bacon and cheese and go with more nuts, flax oil, fish, olive oil. Whole eggs are fine. Also, feel free to eat some fibrous veggies with some of your meals as they have lots of bulk and little calories or carbs.

Most of your meals should be composed of protein and fat except for breakfast and the pre-post workout meal. Have a serving of oatmeal and some all-bran (you'll need some fiber) in the morning with some whole eggs or protein powder. Surge or a similar beverage (gatorade and whey protein would be ok) should be consumed in appropriate ratios during and after the workout. See Berardi's Precision Nutrition for 2002 and Beyond article.

Right now, I think the greatest benefit would be to do what you were planning to do. Cut a little body fat and then work on building muscle afterwards. Drop your body fat to about 10% and then start bulking.


I think i’m gonna try what you suggested…How fast do you think i’ll drop to 10% bf or lower? What supps should I get? Just flax seed?

Should I cut the cheese and bacon out completely? Would sunflower seeds and planters cashews be good foods to snack on?

On Saturday, do I just eat like a normal day but try to eat more carbs?

Creatine will help at 5-10g a day. MD6 or some other thermogenic could also help. I don’t consider flax oil a supplement, but rather a dietary staple, so yes, you should use flax oil. Aside from that, you should be ok. Losing a little muscle mass is of little concern as you can add that later and at your smaller size, it is less likely to happen.

On Saturday, eat as much carbs as you want, but make sure to get in a good dose of protein also. JasonL advice of eating your normal dietary food + additional carbs is a great idea. Taking 200mg Alpha Lipoic Acid with large carb meals would also be a good benefit.