T-Dawg Diet and Headaches

Has anyone else experience headaches when starting the T-Dawg diet? Started yesterday and have had a headache ever since, feels like the same type of headache when i don’t get my coffee in the morning. Also very Irretable! Is this my body de-carbing, just like a recovery alcholic? Usually i am a very happy morning person who usually never has headache more then a half hour.

I did not experience any headaches when I started, but I remember reading that people with low serotim(sp) levels have more problem avoiding carbs, its a chemical in the brain and levels increase when people eat carbs, R U takin any md6?, some st.john’s worth may also help. Just my 2 cents

Yeah, I got killer headaches every day, that hurt in the back of my head. Those quit after the first week or so. I eventually quit t-dawg b/c I couldn’t take a crap, sucked. Although having been on it for a few weeks, i find it much easier to take in a lower carb diet, although not as severe as t-dawg. hang in there and take an aspirin or something