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T-Dawg Diet and daily calories

I’ve started the T-Dawg Diet this week. It tells me to multiply my weight by 16-18 for that magic number, and take away 250 the first week, then 500 the next week. Yeah you all knew that.

But what this works out to is 2650 (with -250) while my usual caloric intake is always under 2000. Now if 2650 calories a day is considered a diet, why am I not wasting away on my under 2000 calories a day?

Thanks everyone, and sorry about the spelling, english is not (was not?) my first language.

T-Dawg is basically a 'keto’diet and as you didn’t mentioned what ratio (P,F,C) you use on your ‘general’ diet it’s a little hard to answer your question. I use the T-Dawg diet on a calorie restrictive/keto basis dropping daily cal. intake to 1500/1600 a day using a high fat, med. protein & low carb ratio. Provided your using similar ratio’s mentioned on T-dawg, either keep dropping cal. down by 500 until you see results, or simply drop your cal. intake down below 2000.
P.S for a second language, your english is fine.

Well it is good to see that another person has around the same calory eating a day then me. Ive been trying to follow the guidlines of the diet, carbs under 30, unless with post workout. Ive been eating scrambled egg whites, moza cheese, tuna, chicken, other fish… Thanks, getting the hang of this english stuff.

What is your weight and bodyfat%?
If your T-Dawg Calories come out to 2650cal then it sounds to me like you are severly underfeeding yourself with a maintenance intake of 2000cal…

I think that you may have your calories worked out wrong. Whats your height, weight, bf%, whats your diet like(food log). Give us that info and we may be able to help.

Heres a sample day of my diet.

MEAL 1: Scrambled Eggs-1 whole egg,2egg whites,60g of mozza cheese.
Totals: cal:330 carb:3 pro:27 fat:21

MEAL 2: 2 chicken breast burger/patty with 2 mozz cheese (60 g)
Totals: cal:540 carb:2 pro:62 fat:20


MEAL 4 POST WORKOUT: Protein shake(cup skim milk with 1 scoop 32g of whey powder, bannana

Totals: cal: 315 carb:43 pro: 32 fat:3

Meal 5:two fillet fish, one breaded

Totals: cal:316 carb:18 pro:33 fat:12

Plus omega 3 powder during the day:

Cal:70 carb:7 pro:7 fat:2

Total of day:

Calories:1600 carb:73 pro:161 fat:58

All measured in grams. Im around 165# and 6 feet tall. Maybe its me as an individual, but when I tell people my weight, they think I look around 180. My older brothers are shorter by a few inches, weigh around the same, yet im more muscular then them.

That was just one day, others days I estimate my caloric intake to be 1600-1800, yet this still seems very very wrong. Well thanks for the help everyone.

165 @ 6 feet lookin muscular, why t-dawg then?, R U tryin to lean out or gain mass?. Seems like that you need to put on some size buddy, and t-dawg is a ketogenic diet for fat loss. You need to bump up your calories or body will catabolize all the muscles that your got, and if you need to stay on t-dawg for some reason then U got to include a lot more fat in your diet, this is a high protein/fat diet and your fats are lower than your carbs, U need to increase fats to around 180 grams. I am a bit confused by your post though, I am not sure what you are trying to do, if I was you I move to a mass building diet.

Im am doing this to lose fat. More fat? Well at least things taste better. I should mention that I am gaining abit of size.

Another question, how would you suggest I add more fat in my diet? Break out the lard on the spoon or what?

Flax Oil, Olive Oil, Peanuts, Bacon, Cheese, etc… Sounds like you need to read over the article again.

The others have offered good advice on this post. If your determine to slash fat, keep your fat ratio higher (+40%), your protein medium (30-35%) & carbs lower (20-25%) and play with the total calorie thing as needed. Fats are best from oils (MCT, CLA, flax etc.) including fish (salmon), take a thermogenic if needed. I also agree at your weight to gain mass you’d need to start looking at a few more calories (3000+).

Just like Ruberdy said, Flex oil, nuts (e.g almonds, walnuts etc), olive oil, and one more thing thats important is Fish Oils, especially if you get more saturated fat from your bacon, other meats etc. Good luck

What’s up with the rash of foreigners appologizing for their English skills, when they are in fact perfect? :slight_smile:

With 22 years experience, I spent 11 months on the ANABOLIC DIET (TAD) back in '95. I weighed 227 at the start.

For some reason, the calories ingested on TAD
“rev up” your metabolism and even with 36-48 hrs. of carbs on weekends, one still cannon help losing weight. However, that is only if you are"fat" by bodybuilding standards. For example, if you start TAD at 170 lbs., I’m not sure how much or quickly you will lose fat.

I ate about 4000 calories per day, carb spiked mid week and loaded about 36 hours on the weekend with plenty of pasta, ice cream, pizza etc in addition to good sources of carbs. I couldn’t help but LOSE WEIGHT quickly and within a few months my friday night weight was 197 and Sunday night weight was 205 and I was in the best PERSONAL bodybuilding shape of my life.

So, the amount of calories that you ingest now, even though less than what you would be taking in with TAD, don’t allow the body to lose fat.

TAD from my experience is best for LOSING FAT and getting in great shape. The purpose of what we are all doing is to get bigger, more muscular and defined. When I used the diet to GAIN weight and went to 234 lbs., I was just as “fat” as I would have been if I had just ate regularly. My face wasn’t quite as bloated, though.

I would not recommend this diet longterm but only for losing fat quickly,

I tend to use the T-Dawg along the lines of Fat-Fast diet, which is great for stripping fat though not good for periods longer than 2-3 weeks. I find the main benefit with T-Dawg is the carb-up after workout to help preserve muscle & sanity. I tend to avoid intentionly taking carbs during the day (the 30g etc.)& consume them after workout. In the T-Dawg, it’s mentioned if someone has ‘excessive’ fat then one cheat meal on weekends is recommended, whereas if one who generally has a lower BF then a ‘cheat day’ can be added. I’m keen to strip fat as soon as possible, so I can get back to massing again, & will generally have 1-2 cheat meals ( meals containing high carbs)on a saturday round morning to midday. The worst/hardest keto diet I’ve tried is BodyOpus, especially the all night carb-up consuming 100-125g of maltodextrin every two hours for the first night - yuck!