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t dawg diet advice

im on my 3rd week of t dawg 2.0. Couple of quick questions. How much fat shoul I be getting, Im averaging around 25g? Best source? Also, how about fiber? how much and best source? Im not getting much, and Im blocked up like hoover damn! Otherwise, results have been cray. Im doing Twag2 and meltdown workout. 3 weeks ago I was around 256, today Im at 243!! If I could only go to the bathroom…

Parrothead, congratulations on your results thus far!!! I’m sure you’re thrilled. T-Dawg is an awesome diet.

A good number for your daily fat requirements would be .4g x LBM. If your LBM were 200 pounds, that would be 80g of fat per day, divided roughly evenly among your P+F meals.

As far as the fiber goes, there are a number of options. Sugar free Metamucil will work, so will psyllium husk or seed. The latter can be bought in bulk and is pretty cheap. Mix it with Crystal Light. Start off with a tablespoon on Day 1 and increase slowly daily until you are going to the bathroom at least once daily. Make sure you are getting at least a gallon of water a day at your body weight. Actually you should be drinking closer to 2 gallons.

Constipation is a problem for people when they increase protein intake and/or reduce green veggie carbs (which have fiber).

Thanks, your advice is awesome as usual. Any suggestions for a best source of fat?

try fish oils &/0r fatty fish. also works to keep infammation down (arterial as well as joint,etc.)

Any ideas? Yup! (grin)

Flaxseed oil (or FRESHLY ground flaxseed, if you prefer) is pretty high on my list. From there, olive oil, the fat in eggs, raw nuts (not roasted), avocado. You ought to read up on high dose fish oil, too, which is high in EPA and DHA. Tremendous health, cognitive and performance/endurance benefits for those of us who like to work out. You’d be shooting for something in the 6g range of EPA/DHA.

Keep up the good work!!!

Terry, If I’m not getting the .4 of my body weight in fat, but more like .2-.3 is that going to be a bad thing? I am attempting to lose weight.

Tank, there are so many ways to approach dropping BF. Some people go the low-fat route (with higher carbs), others go the low-carb route (with higher fat). As a general approach, I prefer to lower carbs and raise fat. The .4g x LBM number is part of my lower-carb approach to dropping BF.

If you have higher carb requirements because of activity levels and energy expenditure, then obviously you’ll have to lower fat intake. Other than that, I’d prefer to see you increase fat intake from quality sources, even if you have to drop carbs a bit.

No easy answers. Think of it this way: Carbs and Fat ride a see-saw. As one goes up, the other goes down.

Honestly, if you’re making progress towards your goals and your energy levels are good, try and raise fat intake a tad, but leave things pretty much as they are. There’s an old saying about not fixing something that ain’t broke. (grin)

Hey Parrothead…

I have been doing a modified version of T-dawg and what I find are vital to keep everything moving are the following.

1)I normally eat a green leafy salad with every meal except breakfast. If it’s mostly lettuce it contains almost no carbs.

This also gives you the option of increaseing your good fat intake by adding some flax seed oil as a dressing.

  1. In my shakes I normally add a spoonful of psyillium husks. They tend to gel up as well and since I only use water in my shakes it provides a better texture as well as help keep you regular.

just my 2c anyway.


Just had to add a few things.

Xantahm or guar gum for a big shot of fiber is another good cheap source. Guar being the cheaper of the 2. I actually use a mix.

Flax meal. I liked this recomendation. You kill two birds with one stone. Raise your omega threes, and it is high in the fiber you are looking for to become more regular.


oops forgot,

Great work so far. Keep it up.