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T-Dawg Diet 2; amazing!

Ive been on the TD:2.0 for 3-4 weeks now, and the results are fantastic! Even though Ive been going a bit mental each saturday, eating pizza and drinking huge amount of beer, my progress has been very visible. I havent done a BF-measurement, but my mirror image speaks for itself.

How have all the other T-Dogs results been?

Thank you T-Mag for this diet!

SquatMan, that’s fantastic. Though I have to tell you that I’m not surprised. People are reporting good results with T-Dawg.

Be sure to let us know how you are doing!

Some notes on my experiences:

  1. I’ve been losing some weight, but bodyfat is staying stubborn–I.E. waterweight/ muscle weight is being lost.

    Clearly this isn’t desireable. If you’re considerably overfat, use the calculations with your LBM instead of total bodyweight.

  2. When I have post workout carbs, it drives me crazy with carb-crave the rest of the day. So the best time to workout is at night, for me, on this diet.
  3. I’m considering some pre-workout carbs for my Brazillian Jiu Jitsu workouts, because afterwards, I fall into an hour long recovery coma.
  4. I’m going to keep playing and see if I can get this to work a little better for me.

Been on T-Dawg 2.0 for two weeks. Using Berardi’s caloric needs calculation from his “winning formula” article. Lost 5 lbs in the 2 weeks (always weighing in the morning after Saturday carb-up meal). No noticable loss of strength. Also, doing strength training renegade style. Need to get my but up in the morning and do cardio or gpp in fasted state. Want to add thermogenics. Is ECA combo still considered the best? BTW, I always seem to lose a lb or so when I go over my caloric requirement. Probably need to increase my daily caloric intake slightly to take advantage of increased metabolic rate.

Isnt the only difference in T-Dawg 2 that you get 100g carbs vs 70g on the original? I am following the original and results are going well. I probably need to keep better track of cals but i am getting tighter while keeping strenghth and muscle. So far so good

Dogchild, what kind of carbs are you taking in? The carbs that cause cravings to kick into high gear are table sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup, fructose (from fruit), galactose (from milk and milk products). To reduce cravings, you should be eating strictly green-veggie type carbs. For carb refeeds, you should be eating strictly starchy type carbs; i.e., potatoes, oatmeal, rice, pasta. And then, of course, you should be using Surge post-workout.

Gabe, yes, T-Dawg 2.0 allows you 100g of carbs on your workout day and 70g of carbs on non-workout days.


That would be the problem, then. Glucose=the devil.

I am completely broke and I can’t afford Surge, so I’ve been using table sugar+whey for my post-workout meal. Guess that’s a mistake.

So now I’m looking for some dextrose and maltodextrose so I can mix something up. Is that right?

The rest of my carbs are carbs from veggies and from natural peanut butter, jerky, etc.

I disagree with the post regarding what causes carb cravings. I’m not disagreeing with what was stated to cause carb cravings; I’m just saying that’s not it. When low, low carbs, anything that throws your blood sugar up and then down (any post workout sugar – dextrose/malto) will do this.
Potatoes, for example, while yes being a starch, digest extremely fast and yield a significant insulin response and behave like a simple sugar. Foods like this will also cause you to crave if you have been low carbs for some time.

I hope i have as good results as you guys have gotten on T-Dawg. I’ve been totally religious about it this week…my only cheat was a Wed. night birthday dinner and it wasn’t too bad…but i did inhale some alcohol and bread (oy carbs) – hey it was a NYC italian restaurant!!

instead of my Sat cheat i plan on staying clean this weekend. perhaps ONE slice of pizza if i break down but i been pretty strong :wink: i think i’ve finally figured out my daily meal plan that gets the numbers right. my only supps are Low Carb GROW, EFAs, and a Multivitamin.

I did as TT suggested and used my target weight x 15 instead of my current weight…those numbers seem closer. i eat about 1600-1700 cals a day so i hope i’m right. 145x15=1675cals. i suppose we’ll see if i get results.

next week i start joel marions 5x5. can’t wait :slight_smile:

Thunder, the sugars I listed (or one of the two sugars in those that are dissacharides) preferentially refill liver glycogen. Blood sugar levels are maintained by the liver. There is a relationship, with some people being more sensitive than others. If nothing else, it’s worth a test. We are, of course, all biochemically unique.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

TT, I’m aware that those sugars preferentially refill liver glycogen and that blood sugar is maintained by liver glycogen. At least, the fructose component of the previously mentioned sugars. (I knew the biochem degree would come in handy some time hehe)

However, sugars with a low II, at least from my consulting experience, do not cause as much sugar cravings and blood sugar fluctuations as those with a high II. Therefore, things like straight fructose do not cause wild blood sugar fluctuations. It’s more the certain starches(and this can include starches) that behave like more like glucose, cause the the real carb cravings.

For example, if you followed a calorie controlled diet, but used high GI carbs like rice cakes, potatoes, etc., you’d notice how much more hungry you are as opposed to the same diet with low GI/II carb choices like oatmeal and vegetables.

So, is anybody else out there (besides those already present) doing the T-Dawg Diet? If so, please report your results… I’m interested in seeing how others are doing and if they are noticing any side-effects, positive or negative: ie- increased/decreased strength or energy, lean muscle gains or losses, appetite problems, etc…

I’ve been doing T-DAWG2 for about 3 weeks but I have also been cycling
T-DAWG 1 since last Sept. Since Sept I have not made any significant strength gains but I haven?t lost any either. Currently I am doing Joel’s 5X5 routine which I just started last week Mon-Wed- Fri and Coach Davies Real Ab’s + Cardio on Tues-Thurs-Sat with Sunday off. I have been using Sundays as a Carb Refeed day but will now add in Wed as well and Follow Joel’s Guidelines (He hasn’t let me down yet :slight_smile:

So all that being said Since Sept I’m down 34 Pounds and 6% bf. I did start with high % of bf (28%) but I am very pleased with the results thus far. I lost 2 inches in the Chest, 4 Inches in the waist and 4 inches on the hips, while maint the same size on the arms & legs, and calves. I have the data recorded if you want exact numbers.

I haven’t really been following any diet plan. I have been on bromocriptine for the last while and am shedding fat pretty fast. It just naturally supresses my apetite. I’m glad I don’t get the nauseas feeling most people complain about. And it really does wonders on holding muscle mass. I was sick for a week while taking bromocriptine, I was eating about 1 meal per day and i maintained all my muscle mass. Great drug IF it works for you. I’m going to be starting a more formal diet tomorrow and decided to go with T-dawg 2.0. I will be dropping my calories to 85% of RMR on both training and off days and will be taking 4-ad-ec. I’ll keep you guys updated on results.

I’ve been floowing the T-Dawg 2.0 pretty strictly and take saturdays to “Marionate” things by doing a carb-up. I have seen incredible results so far using the TD2.0, Coach D’s Fat to Fire, and my beloved case of MD6.

After a month I plan to introduce both old school T2 and T2-Pro into ze mix while hitting Coach Staley’s EDT fatloss program. Shugs, despite your mile-long list of fettishes and morally repugnant sexual practices, you’ve created a most effective program.

MBE: “Sane is just a four-letter word. Since 18YN.”

I’m wrapping up my second week and the results are pretty impressive so far. Not only that, but sticking with this diet so far has been easier than i thought it would be.

Timbo–info on the Metabolic/Anabolic diet.

Just to add one more piece to the puzzle: the Anabolic and Metabolic diets are, to my knowledge, the same diets with different marketing. The Metabolic focuses on the (more successful) cutting phase. In addition, this work has served (to my knowledge) as some of the foundations of NHE by Rob Faigin as well as the beloved T-Dawgs 1 and 2.0 Well worth checking out the articles, at the very least, if you haven’t already read them.


Thunder, thank you, sir. I’m jealous of your biochem degree. It’s an area of interest and an area in which I would benefit from being better educated/informed.

I crossed my wires. You’re right about fructose being good for not causing fluctuations in blood sugar. That’s why it’s recommended to diabetics. The reason I avoid it is because that which is not taken up by the liver is converted to triglyceride and stored as BF.

Thanks for keeping me honest – and accurate. (grin)