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T-Dawg/CT's Carb Cycling - Counting Carbs

Quick question (this may have been addressed before) - how does one count the carbohydrates in these diets. Do we just look at the total amount or are we counting “impact” carbs (subtracting fiber). Obviously I’m not playing around with sugar alcohols or anything that resembles frankenfood. It just seems like a day with 35g of fiber in 100g of Carbs would yield a much different effect than the same day with say 2g of fiber.

When I was T-dawging it and other various diets I didnt count the fiber in veggies etc.

I Like you noed a Big A$# plate of brocili is a little different than say a soda or even baked potato.

Also as you noted I would however avoid and count those Damn frnken foods and sugar alcohols. I have had the pleasure of seeing insuling test done prior to and just post ingestion of just One sugar alcohol “low/no impact candy” and it spiked insulin just like any simple sugar would.

And D-dawg 2 is a Great choice IMO. Have tried CT’s route as of yet. Been on a more relaxed using what I learned clean bulk for about a year and a half. May try it if/when I cut again.

Hope that helps,