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T-DAWG carb length/supps?..

Hey guys-
Im also giving the T-Dawg diet a try,and was wondering what you all thought on a couple of things.First,I have “Bodyopus” and Lyle McDonalds “Ketogenic Diet”,and am wondering,is everyone only carbing up for one day like on the T-DAWG,or is anyone seeing results on the the 2-day plan(ala Bodyopus).It seems to me MOST people are only doing one.Ive actually been doing 2,and so far,so good,but am curious as to what others are experiencing as well.Also,what supps are you guys taking on this thing?Im currently only taking a P.M. ZMA supp.Should I add anything to “enhance” my ketogenic-type diet? Thanx for any input-I’ll update as to my progress with this thing…

Matt, I think the length of the carb-up is dependant on the individual. I like two days, but if my main goal is fast fat loss, I’ll just carb up on Saturday when on the T-Dawg. Try it both ways and see what works best for you.

As for supplements, well, I designed the diet so you could take advantage of post-workout nutrition including getting some carbs. This is one of the main things that makes the T-Dawg stand out from other lower carb diets (that, and I think it’s healthier.)

All that said, get yourself a post-workout MRP. I’d also add fish oil caps, folic acid, and a multi to your diet. MD6 is optional, but it does help control appetite and probably speeds up the whole fat loss process. Check issue #86 for more tips. Good luck and keep us posted.