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t-dawg calorie calculating

I would like to know what is the best way to calculate your calorie consumption to lose weight, it seems to work for low bf percenatges, the weightX16 etc, but i am 265 and 29% so my testing shows me, so what is a more accurate way to calculate my caloric intake to lose weight in my situation cause the weight time 16 is too much i think, ,my weight loss has halted after the first week, im doing 3 days of cardio at moderate to high intensity, and three days of weight lifting(12 weeks SS)a week, and my average calories are 2600 for the past week,at 44% fat, 43% protein. and 13% carbs: this is my calorie breakdown if this helps, im also taking 4-AD-ec
one serving a day as well as md6 and t2(old),
please give me some help here, id really like the hear from chris shugart since he wrote the arcticle and get his take on this. please help any is appreciated.


Use the multipiers (16,17, or 18 if I remember correctly from the article) against your body weight if you were 10% body fat.

My expertise comes from successfully living through what you are going through. Lean Body Mass X 15=2783 kcal per day or 463 kcal per meal. My best nutrient ratio for cutting is 42% Protein, 15% Fat and 43% Carbs. That’s 6 meals a day at 48 gms protein, 7 gms fat, and 49 gms carbs. I never lost more than 2 lbs a week and slowly over the course of 9 months gained 20 pounds of muscle. Without the carbs you just won’t grow. Progress will be slower but you can actually add some muscle. I doubt if you will have any cravings. Stick to complex carbs except for post workout meal. Also, flax and fish oil kcals count against your total. The diet you are on made me feel like shit. I had nasty cravings and worst of all I couldn’t add muscle.

well im pushing 30 percent BF so that weight x16 seems a bit too much at 260, can anyone else help me more with some info, preferable chris shugart, at to why i havent lost any weight in the past week.


You may have to go as low as 10/cal per lb of lbm per day. Metabolisms vary so much and can even change from one extreme to another in an individual over the years. Personally 15 cal per lb/lbm is a bulking diet for me anymore whereas 5 years ago it would have been a harcore cutting diet.

Shugs could u lend a little advice here.

Try this. Eat normally, as you would day to day and write everything down. get a calorie counter book, the ones that have the full macro list too. Track your weight every 5-7 days and adjust your calories until your maintain weight for several weeks. That amount of calories is your base line for THIS DIET CYCLE. Your base line will change base on alot of factors. But this should give you a start point. Also keep your caloric expenditures the same, ie. same cardio, number of training days etc. And try to keep the same activity level at work too. If your a cab driver and switch to roofing your calorie needs will go up and throw the formula off. If this is too much, well… start with 15Xbw then 14Xbw then…
Good luck and once you nail it, and adjust properly you will see the t-man inside.