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T-Dawg and Potato ?

Hey all

Quick question. I just started T-Dawg and am currently eating 2 beef patties on the Foreman Grill with a bit of cheese on them and a baked potato with cottage cheese on it for my third meal. It is within my macronutrient requirments but is is bad to be eating potato’s on this diet plan? Also I have read elsewhere that potatos and fatty foods (ie: those beef patties)are not good to eat together. Any advice would be appreciated.

Potatoes are probably best kept for your healthy carb up day.
On your regular days, oatmeal, surge, and some green fibrous veggies are your “safe” carb sources as they will not interfere with your insulin levels (except for the surge and that is intentional).

Do your best to stay away from meals that contain large amounts of protein/carbs/and fat (per any JB article).

Good luck with your T-dawg diet!

Many here have found John Berardi’s meal combination recomendations in Massive Eating I and II to be helpful, if not indespensible.

That said, I’d try to leave the baked potato for a meal with chicked breasts, or something relatively low fat. That way the Beef/Cheese would count as a Protein and Fat meal, and the Chicken/Potato would be, of course, a Protein and Carbohydrate meal.

Most people here don’t like potatoes because of their Insulin Index. For ideas of what foods are good and not-so-good, see Foods that Make you Look Good Nekkid

Good Luck

I am pretty sure I can’t get surge here, but will try to find somthing to sub for that damn potato. Veggies ?