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T-Dawg and Meltdown


This might be a dumb question, but I couldn't find an answer in the forum anywhere and I read the T-Dawg Diet about 6 times trying to figure it out. When multiplying the numbers 16-18 by your body weight, do you use pounds or kilograms? Kilos makes more sense as the number is much lower than the number obtained from pounds. Just looking for clarification. Also, anyone have an opinon on the pros and cons of performing HIIT on the non-lifting days of Meltdown? I think it might be to taxing on the system, especially with such low caloric intake. Thanks for the anticipated response. JoeM.


Pretty sure the T-Dawg is working in kgs. As to HIIT with meltdown, I'm doing 1/2 hour sprinting on my off days at the moment, and if anything I feel better for it. I normally burn out pretty quickly when I increase my work volume, but I'm handling it fine. I am using Berardi's don't diet, though, rather than t-dawg. Maybe try doing just meltdown in the first week, which takes a bit of getting used to, then add HIIT in the second week. Try that for a while and see how you cope.


just started the t-dawg- meltdown combo this week. The multiplier is in pounds. If you check t-dawg questions it explains it beter.
I am not doing the interval training currently although I do plan on starting it up once my number of games per week goes down.


Great, 2 different answers. Chris, if your out there, a little help would be appreciated.


It is in pounds. Definitely. Check the T-Dawg FAQ if you want proof. .6 - .8 g per pound.


its by pounds..


Thanks Everyone, I appreciate your help.


USA=pounds Screw the metric system even though it makes sense. We're not changing, rest of the world! Pounds.


sorry! you guys are right! it is pounds!