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T-Dawg and health issues

I’m on my 5th week of T-Dawg, and i must say that i’m having a blast. It’s incredibly easy to stick with, the weight loss has been very steady, and there hasn’t been any muscle/strength loss to my best knowledge.

The only problem is my mother, who for some reason is absolutely convinced that if she doesn’t somehow make me start eating simple carbs again, i will get stomach cancer and die a horrible death.

I’m serious, she seems genuinely terrified. She says i have “those crazy eyes” and actually compared me to some anorexic girl she saw on TV. And i’m 6’1 / 195lbs. She truly believes that it is her duty to get me off this diet, or make my life a living hell while i’m on it.

To tell you the truth, it’s really starting to get to me. She was standing here for an hour and waving ‘food pyramid’ brochures in my face while i was trying to watch a movie. My suggestion to take her concerns to a professional nutritionist bounced off her like a tennis ball off concrete. Apparently, she truly is THE leading nutrition expert.

So what do i do? What do i show her? What do i tell her to keep her from driving me insane until i can get weight down to a lower level, at which point i’ll be able to start eating rice again? I need help and i need it now, i can’t take this much longer!

Man that sucks!! I have to give you credit for not telling her off…haha. I dont think I could handle that much annoying whining at all. Regardless, the fact that she is waving a food pyramid in your face is just ridiculous. If she thinks that following the food guide pyramid (which was last updated in 1989, but I think a new one is on its way) is healthy than she is greatly misinformed!!! The food guide pyramid recommends that an average person should eat 6-11 servings of pasta, cereal, starchy foods, etc per day which is waaaaay to high. Look at the results…an epidemic of obesity in this country which is downright sad! By eating simple carbs (which is what your mother is promoting) a person will constantly have spiked insulin levels which will just result in increased fat storage. We here at t-mag know that eating more protein, getting your essential fatty acids and eating flbrous, complex carbs is the best way to go…especially if you are a body builder or in the weight training game in general. Many people are still in the mind set that fat free diets are the best and that one can eat all the carbs they want and be okay…“that is soooo, like, the 80’s man”…haha!! Sorry to tell ya, but your mom is an idiot and you need to tell her to take it elsewhere. From what you stated, being 6-1, 195 lbs is great! I am assuming that you are pretty close to single digit BF% or a little over, which is great. Keep up the good work and I am sure most of the people who respond to this thread will agree with me and tell you that your mom is simply WRONG! Tony G

Hmm… maybe do a carb-refeed in front of her? That should cool her jets for a while.

I think the ‘crazy eyes’ might be referring to a girl I saw on an interview who had been taking diet pills containing usnic acid. Aparently now the media is grouping ephedra and usnic acid together as dietary supplements that need regulation.

Print this “Save your Parents”

Let her read thru it. Education is the key here. I ran into the same problem with my folks when they heard about my diet. Once I got them educated it went away.

Easy, Tony. Calling someone’s Mama an “idiot”? Dude, those are fightin’ words! :slight_smile:

Great idea, Phatman! I forgot about that article, and it is a great one.

Something else you could do d!abolic, is print out T-Dawg, and T-Dawg 2 (which I’m currently on) and highlight the areas that talk about the benefits of a reduced carb diet.

One last option. Seems no one can read “Atkin’s Revolution” without freaking out and immediately going on the diet. Buy her a copy. After she reads it, she’ll probably be bugging you to eat less carbs! :slight_smile:

If your mother obese, or at least a bit overweight?

The thing that works best for me is just to simply say “who looks more like they know what they’re talking about when it comes to nutrition… me or you?”. Best said with an offer to fill them in on some fundamental nutritional concepts.

Your relationship with your mother might not be of the sort where something like that would go over well, but works like a charm with my parents. :wink:

Better yet, show her this article:

That’s the new york times article from last year titled “what if it’s all been a big fat lie.” It was the article that’s basically got everyone (or a lot more people than before anyway) thinking that low carb is the way to go. I would think that your mother would look at t-mag and think it’s just some crack-pot rinky dink website that tells you things so buy their products. But I don’t see how any reasonable person couldn’t respect an established paper like the times. Good luck!


Looks like you’re a better offspring than I. I’d have said, “Mom, go away and leave me alone or I’m going to throw up after every meal until you stop.”

Ask her if the US food pyramid’s so good, how come America’s the fattest nation? How come even lil kids are suffering from Diabetes? And if she follows the US food pyramid, how come her body doesn’t look like Angelina Jolie’s or something?