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T-Dawg and Cardio

This question is for Cy, or anyone who has tried this.

If I add 3 or 4 sessions of light morning cardio a week to my T-Dawg diet ( 30 to 40 mins) will that hurt?

This is goal dependent.

I imagine you are using T-Dawg for cutting some weight?? If so the sure add some low to moderate intensity cardio along with a solid resistance training program to advance the diet.

T-Dawg is simply the nutrirtion aspect and must be incorporated with a solid training program, and yes that can include cardio.

Hope that helps,

Although some say they’ve lost lbm by including fasted state cardio, I have never experienced such a problem. Of course, I was losing a LOT of fat … >25% BF. How much are you looking to lose?