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T-dawg and caffeine

How much is too much, when looking to get as lean as possible?
Im getting less than 100g carbs a day (over half is in my post workout shake as glucose) and maybe 600mg caffeine (200mg pre cardio 200mg pre weights plus diet coke/coffee during the day). What is your average intake of caffeine when dieting?
Do you cycle caffeine intake?
Do you have cafeine free days? Anyone?
(This is not including refeeds or cheat days)

Good point Wheetu.
I use caffeine under exactly the same circumstances you do, approximately less than 100g carbs per day with a total of 2000kcal avg while severe cut dieting…I keep caffeine at 330mg a day approximately. I think the insulin resistance aspect of caffeine (brough up some time ago by JB) is not as serious as we once thought. Why, becasuse insulin resistance seems to be mainly associated with visceral, not subcutaneous body fat, which is mostly associated with leptin. Thus, caffeine is a viable and important weapon in the arsenal. Of course, overusage is simply silly, but then again, overusage of any supplement or substance is silly.