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T-dawg and Andro

Okay,… did the t-dawg diet last summer and dropped a good deal of weight (and a tad more muscle than I would have liked),… so this time, I’m planning to use a low dose of androsol. My question is the timing,… I know that T levels are naturally higher in the morning,… so would I benefit from just a half dose in the evenings? (I work out in the evenings anyway, so I was thinking maybe before bed?)

I’m currently on cutting cycle and using androsol and it is working great. I’m using the standard recommended single dose a day protocol which states that the single dose should be applied 1st thing in the morn before 8am and then washed off before bed. This prevents T down regulation during the nite, so that you will continue to have normally high T in the morning. If applying at nite, it will down regulate T during the nite and interfer with your natural T cycles where T should peak in the AM and you will end up with lower T levels. You can use anywhere from 35-70 sprays morning only with little effect on natural T levels that way. I use 70 sprays in morning only, then take 4 tribex before bed and it has been working very well. I’m also using vitex (M) in the morn.