T-Dawg and 4-AD-EC Question.

In T-Dawg 2.0, TC said that if using the diet short term then use MAG-10. But if you have a lot of fat to lose and are going to use the diet long term then use 4-AD-EC. I can easily find on how to use MAG-10 short term, but I cant find how to use 4-AD-EC long term. Can someone help me out as to either where the info is located or?

See the “Steroid Dieting” article by Cy Willson at T-mag. It has info on 4-AD-EC as well. Biotestedge.com may have more info.

I remember reading that you can stay on 4-AD-EC for up to at least 8 weeks. I dont know how long you are suppose to lay off but before starting a new cycle. I also dont know whether Tribex and M would reduce the off time.

Check ot the “Neverending Cycle” article. I know it was in a printed T-Mag issue, see if it’s in the online archives.

I e-mailed Cy 2 weeks ago with that question.He said you can go up to 16 weeks before cycling off for 2 weeks with Tribex-500 and then you can start another 16 week cycle