T-Dawg Advice...Chris???

Okay, I’m pretty new to dieting, but want to give the T-Dawg a try for the next few weeks…looking to go from 210 15% BF to around 10% in as little time as possible…I have read the T-Dawg article and some previous posts I looked up, but I was wondering what the most up to date recommendations were concerning the diet. I plan on using MD6 in conjunction with either Androsol or Mag-10. I am not sure if I need extra folic acid, as I get some in my multi-vitamin (how much would I need at my size?). Other than that, I am really just curious about what updates were made to the diet (more carbs as long as they are under 100, amount of protein allowed, etc.). Thanks for any help.

Should mention that I will be using flax/fish oils and will be following a maximal weights training method to begin the diet.

The new recommendations I’ve made regarding the T-dawg involve more carbs and a better post-workout drink.

Carbs- In my experience, 100/70, as opposed to 70/30, works just as well and makes the diet easier. There’s plenty of room for variation there too.

Post-workout nutrition: Back then there was no solid science behind post-workout nutrition, except we knew to get protein and carbs in liquid form. Now we know the ideal ratios, protein type etc thanks to John Berardi. So now I recommend Biotest Surge. Half a serving during and the other half after training works great or you can take it all after training.

I would also try to time carb intake so that most carbs (aside from Surge carbs) come in the solid meal after training. I’d be doubly sure that the first and last meals of the day had very few carbs and a good amount of fat.

As for folic acid, make sure you’re getting at least 400 mg a day, and that’s regardless of the type of diet you’re using.

I don’t recall the exact suggestions for “free days” made in the original article, but I think one good meal a week is enough to keep a person on target the rest of the time. I would no longer recommend two days of “free” eating. To jumpstart the diet, don’t have any free meals until the second week of the diet.

One question for you- why maximal weights with a reduced carb diet? I don’t think program choice is that big of a deal when it comes to fat loss (as long as the diet is dialed in), but I think there are better programs available based on your fat loss goals.

Chris, really appreciate the response…the real reason I will be using a max weights variation is that my training partner and I are prepping for baseball season (a few months out yet), and we have just come off of a higher volume cycle. We are looking to slowly move towards a cycle with lower reps, more sets, and more power movements, and felt a max weights cycle might help us transition into this (might like to try Meltdown, but maybe next time). Thanks again.