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T-Dawg: 2week mark: yeehaw

Hey all…just thought i’d post my T-Dawg happiness…after 2 weeks of sticking to the diet, with a slice of pizza or burger thrown in on a saturday…i seem to have lost half an inch on my waist. yeehaw.

its been hard to keep up with scale readings due to that whole pms waterweight gain thing…i gained 7 pounds?! what?? oh man does that suck. the gym scale is like swinging the mallet on those carnival strength testers sometimes…

anyway, the tape measure doesn’t lie either so there. :wink: this diet is really easy to stick to…and i’m even making some muscle gains – my arms are bigger too? sweet. thanks for the tips all. back to the grind. :wink:

be careful in the snow!

KC: That’s awesome, baby! TT’s gonna be happy as all gettup when she finds out, too:-)

That comment about the scale at the gym and the carnival strength thang had me rollin’!

Keep up the outstanding work, K-Cee.