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T-Dawg 2: too many cal?

I’m getting started on T-Dawg 2 next week, and naturally, there are several questions that i have to ask. First off, does the number of calories it recommends seem a little high to anyone else?

Using their formula (weight x 15), i’ll end up eating 3150cal/day for the first week, which is nearly twice more than what i eat now.

Would lowering that to 2500 or even 2000 be a good idea then? And if so, how exactly would i go about it? Would i have to subtract an equal percentage from the total number of calories and their recommended daily intake of carbs, proteins and fats?

Let me get this right… You weigh 210 pounds, consistently eat 1600 calories and you consider yourself overweight?

Sorry if that sounds harsh im just trying to get my head around the post. You would be the first person that I have seen in that scenario if my sumary is true. How acurately do you log your calories?

I think I burn 2000 cal/day watching porn!!!

You need excess cals to grow buddy. I weigh the same as you (210) and intake 4000 cals per day. If you want to gain weight keep or even up the cals (keeping the same %ages). If you want to lean out then lower the cals. If you want to change the cal level keep the % of fat, carbs, and protein the same and adjust the cals. So if your breakdown is 40/40/20 then just multiply the cals you want (say 2000) by 40, 40, and 20. You would be getting about 800 cals from protien and carbs, and 400 from fat.

Hi, Max. I was actually in the same boat at one time. I had plateaued. I had upped my cardio to all that I could do (two hours per day), couldn’t work out more than the 1.5 hours, five days a week I was spending in the gym and couldn’t cut calories any lower (sub-1,000).

I doubled my calories, cut my workouts to 1 hour four days a week and cardio to four 30-minute sessions and started losing weight again!!!

So, the advice you got is good. Start a food log, track your calories and macronutrients (fats, carbs, protein). There’s an article here on t-mag. Go to the home page and use the search engine so that you’re searching past articles and not the forum posts. Search for “food log,” I believe.

Start by making sure you’re gettin enough protein (1.5g per pound of BW; 315g). Track your carbs to make sure you’re getting all you’re allowed, but none more than that. Add calories to meet your caloric requirements by taking in GOOD fat, specifically flaxseed oil and Udo’s Choice.

Don’t worry if the calories seem high. Give it a week. If you gain weight, cut calories by 500 per day. Then give it another week and raise or lower the numbers to suit your purposes. You should not be losing more than a couple of pounds a week after the first week or two. If you are, you need to raise calories.

Any other questions, feel free to ask. And the best of luck to you!!!

First thing I would suggest is asking yourself one question:

Am I acheiving my goals with my current diet?

If your answer is “no” re-read T-Dawg 2.0 and give it a shot for a month. It might be the kick in the pants your body is waiting for.

Actually, the article says to then drop 500 calories from that number then adjust weekly as needed. Read the article a little closer.

That’s what i’ll do then. I’ll weight myself weekly and adjust as needed.

It is good to see some interest sparked back into the old T-Dawg! I was needing a little light to be shed on this topic. I did find the article to be much better than the original.
I actually got “back on the wagon” today. I did all of my “homework” and have been on a regular program for a few weeks now.
I would be VERY interested in compairing notes with other fellow T-People out there. I currently slide in at 205lbs., approx. 17% BF.
Starting out at 3,000 cal. for this week & see where that takes me. Best of luck to all!

Best of luck to you, peri!!! Why don’t you post a message in a month with your results and ask everyone who’s on T-Dawg to do the same. You’re right, the timing of the article and the diet was perfect.