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T-Dawg 2.0

Hi guys,
I’m about to start the T-Dawg diet on Monday and am wondering whether my goal is reasonable.

I’m 5’10" 180 lbs, about 9-10% bf (maybe even a touch lower…I’m just guestimating). I can see my abs, but their a little smooth. I’m thinking I just need to lose 2-4 lbs of fat and I’m wondering if this will be possible within 3 weeks.

Perhaps a little background will help understand my reasoning. I’ve increased my weight from 162-174 before deciding to eat massive. I plateaued for about 6 weeks now at 180-182 (I bounce back and forth). During my plateau I’ve slightly smoothed. So I was thinking I’d loose a little bit of the fat before eating massive again and trying to blow through the 180 plateau. That’s why I’m trying not to loose more that 2-4 lbs of fat (I figure that’ll bring me down to about 7%).