T-Dawg 2.0 vs. Anabolic Diet

Which is better for former fat guys looking to gain LBM and minimize fat gain, or even reduce bodyfat percentage?

For me, anything above 200g of carbs a day = fat gain. Can one gain a muscle and lose fat on a CKD? Or would T-Dawg be better for that? Thanks

I have not tried the T-dawg diet but I have done the AD. I was on it about 7 or 8 months and it does well for putting on muscle and keeping fat down.

I will let you know though it has a bunch of life style changes you havent probably thought about. It also requires alot of planning to get enough calories a day because believe it or now it is hard to eat 3500+ calories of f+p with no carbs.

The AD requires a commitment of several months. I think it takes at least 8 weeks to really get rolling.

I actually find it pretty easy to eat enough on low carb, just crack open the olive oil haha. I’ve done low carb before, but did it wrong and lost considerable muscle mass, though less when I was using a higher carb diet.

I prefer the t-dawg because it allows some post workout carbs, which I believe will prevent most muscle loss (high cortisol levels after you train)