T-Dawg 2.0 - Surge?

so im gonna run t dawg 2.0 for the next month or so to trim off a little but of fat before i go on a slow controlled bulk…

t dawg for those unfamiliar suggests 50 gtams of Surge pwo, ive never used Surge but have used dextrose in the past…

i think im going to modify the diet slightly and consume bcaa’s pwo and about 30 minutes later have a whole meal consisting of lean protien and a carb source sucha s oats, brown rice or sweetpotatos…

ive always had problems with a sugar crash as well as taking in a 400 calorie drink…i tend to like to eat alot…and frankly id rather eat my calories …not drink them

anyone have any comments/advice?

My suggestion follow the diet

You want and need that BIG whack of sugar and cals right after training to halt catabolism, start anabolism and refill glycogen when the muscles are screaming for it. Have Surge or a Surge type beverage.

To avoid the crash 30-40 mins after that eat. a good meal have plenty of veggies etc slow digested stuff. Meat.